Western Minnesota’s Growing Dissent of Rep. Collin Peterson

In this fundraising quarter, individual Minnesotans donated less than $13,000 to Collin Peterson.

Collin Peterson

Many constituents of Minnesota’s 7th district have stopped backing Representative Collin Peterson after his 29-year run as a legislator.

In this fundraising quarter, individual Minnesotans donated less than $13,000 to Collin Peterson. Some speculate that Peterson’s recent actions have been the cause for waning support.

Collin Peterson’s voting record has illustrated that he opposes funding to build the border wall as well as shown duplicity in his fight for the unborn

Despite claiming to be pro-life, Peterson has shown vulnerability on his anti-abortion credentials and has given campaign contributions to a number of candidates who support abortion rights. Dave Hughes, who is running for the Republican candidacy of the 7th district in November said, “I don’t think he’s pro-life at all, people should know he’s been aiding and abetting NARAL (a lobbying group advocating expanded access to abortion) candidates.”

Representative Peterson, who is the chair of the House Agriculture Committee, also did not show up at the White House for the signing ceremony of the USMCA last week.

When asked why the chair of the Housing Agriculture Committee would be absent at such a significant signing, Peterson’s office claims that he couldn’t attend because it was the same time as a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing and he didn’t want to cancel meetings with constituents.

Congressman Peterson hasn’t officially announced if he’s running for another term.

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