Tolerance and Unity for All (Unless You Disagree With Us)

Women’s March in St. Paul Focuses on Attacking Conservative Ideals

St. Paul, MN – The Women’s March in Minnesota took place Saturday, with group organizers saying over 60,000 people came out to protest several issues.

The march represented many issues and viewpoints including: 

No borders

Funding Planned Parenthood

Keeping the Affordable Care Act

Black Lives Matter

LGBTQ Rights

Environmental issues

Racial equity

Equal pay




Anti-Dakota Pipeline



And “Anti-Hate.”

However, the anti-hatred and tolerance only applied if you agreed with the marchers’ viewpoints. A small group of pro-life demonstrators were attacked by those participating in the Women’s March. The pro-life demonstrators were blocked from view, screamed at, and had drinks, snow and mud thrown at them.

Several key speakers said they were afraid the Trump administration will take away “abortion rights” – tomorrow pro-lifers will march in Minnesota, with the national March for Life taking place in DC on January 27th.


Julia Erynn