Trump campaign knocks one-millionth door in Minnesota

“Democrats are massively playing catch-up and have a virtually non-existent ground game."

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign knocked its one-millionth door in Minnesota over the weekend. 

While Democrats have been hosting their events online, Republicans have been on the ground knocking doors and holding rallies in their push to turn Minnesota red. Democrats were previously critical of Republicans for campaigning in person during a pandemic, but supporters of Joe Biden recently took to knocking doors themselves.

“While Democrats are massively playing catch-up and have a virtually non-existent ground game, Republicans are out in full force, safely spreading the winning message of President Trump and Republicans’ agenda far and wide,” the national Republican Party said in a press release

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden campaign reversed its stance on door-knocking at the beginning of the month due to concerns that “its caution about social distancing was closing off a vital tool for reaching voters.”

The Biden campaign has now mobilized in several battleground states, including Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, the Wall Street Journal reported. 

Trump supporters have been knocking 2.5 million doors each week across the country, according to the GOP. 

“With early and absentee voting officially underway in several states, the election is already in full swing and Trump Victory is capitalizing on this momentum by harnessing voters’ enthusiasm for President Trump and the Republican ticket,” the GOP said. 

Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said the Trump campaign’s ground game “includes more than four million direct voter contacts and a concentrated effort to turn out the vote.”

“Joe Biden’s campaign started late, is not gaining traction and the enthusiasm gap continues to be pronounced,” she said. “In 19 days we are confident Minnesota voters will stand with our President’s policies of putting America first and keeping our country strong for a generation to come.”

A recent KSTP poll found that Biden’s lead in Minnesota has decreased by two points, but he still leads the president 47% to 40%. 


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