Veterans Day Protest at Edina High School Sparks Police Investigation

In response to criticism surrounding the Veterans Day anthem protest, a Youtube user called “Antifa EHS” posted a video targeting conservative students at Edina High School.

Screenshot of Antifa EHS' Video "EHS Antifascists: Message to the YCC"

EDINA, Minn. – The Edina Police Department is investigating an “inflammatory and creepy” video posted to social media by a group called the Edina High School Antifascists.

Last week during a Veterans Day assembly at Edina High School (EHS), a group of students refused to stand for the national anthem, some reportedly choosing to lay on the floor in protest. The students then remained seated for the playing of “Taps.”

Some students were uncomfortable with the protest, including a member of the Edina Youth Conservatives Club (YCC) who posted a video of the anthem protest. The video sparked a social media firestorm.

In response to the criticism surrounding the protest, a Youtube user called “Antifa EHS” posted a video targeting YCC members. The video features an anonymous individual wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. According to the Center of the American Experiment, the video threatened members of the club for “pursuing your alt-right agenda.”

“This is why we at EHS Anti-fascists have decided your club cannot continue to exists in its current form,” the individual in the video said, according to the Center. “We will not stop until every tentacle of your evil monstrosity is sliced off at the nerve.”

Conservative students and parents expressed safety concerns surrounding the video, leading EHS to launch an investigation into the threats. The Edina Police Department joined the investigation. The video was removed shortly after the investigation became public.

Edina Schools Superintendent John Schultz addressed the situation in an email to sent to parents, calling the video “inflammatory and creepy.”

“While the most recent video is certainly inflammatory and creepy, our investigation in concert with EPD into the post has uncovered no credible or legal threat against EHS, or any Edina student, staff member or school,” Schultz writes. “Nonetheless, the investigation continues into identifying the responsible parties and we continue to work in partnership with students to help ensure everyone feels safe at school.”

The incident comes at a bad time for the Edina school district. Last month, the Center of the American Experiment released a report examining a series of policies and incidents occurring at schools in Edina which it attributes to the decline of students’ proficiencies on tests. The report garnered national attention. Schultz acknowledged the poor timing, saying the school has “worked through some challenging times over the last couple months.”

Christine Bauman