Vets Question Democrat’s Claims in Campaign Ads

Minnesota veterans are calling out Democratic Congressional Candidate Angie Craig, saying her claims of helping those who have served are a far cry from the truth.

Vets within the Minnesota Organization of Republican Veterans, an advocacy group that informs candidates about veteran’s issues, say they are outraged at Craig’s commercials attempting to win over voters in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District by touting her achievements with veterans, particularly her veterans hiring program.  

Christopher Sears, a veteran who worked nearly three years at Craig’s former company, St. Jude Medical, says Craig is not being honest about the extent of the program, stating, “It may exist. There may be a program, there may be something, but you think I or the dozens of other vets at the company would have known about it.”  Several of the veterans said Craig likely formulated the program shortly before creating the ad. 

Minnesota Veteran and Fox News Contributor Pete Hegseth says the hope is to educate voters about the reality behind Craig’s ads, saying, “Voters are pretty sick of being deceived, and if we have one duty it’s at least to say, ‘Hey, there’s another side of this story, it’s not everything you see in thirty seconds.’”

Hegseth says veterans are also upset that St. Jude Medical had to pay over $3.5 million to settle claims they overcharged veterans for medical devices.

Alpha News reached out to the Craig campaign and did not receive a response.

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