VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren Iowa Campaign Staffer Says That Democrats ‘Lose Elections’ Because They “Prioritize Pronouns Over Making Sure People Have a Decent Standard of Living”

Iowa Field Organizer, Warren Campaign, Angel Alicea: “At the End of the Day, We’ve Become the Party That Has Prioritized That (Gender Pronouns) Rather Than Putting Food on the Table for Working Families, and it’s Like, That’s Why We Lose.”

An Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign Field Organizer, Angel Alicea, was secretly recorded admitting to his frustrations of extreme political correctness taking place within the Warren Campaign.

Angel Alicea, who works out of the Warren Campaign Iowa office, says that although he cares about transgender people, Democrats are losing elections for prioritizing gender pronouns over economic issues.

Project Veritas Action Fund’s undercover journalists secretly recorded Alicea’s statements on multiple occasions where he vents about other campaign staff members singling him out for being a heterosexual male in the office and not having gender pronouns in his Twitter bio description. The recordings give insight into the conflicts among Warren staffers, how they view the current political landscape, and how they prioritize certain campaign policies over others.

Angel Alicea believes that Elizabeth Warren and the Democratic Party are misguided when it comes to the American people’s priorities. He also thinks that his fellow Warren Campaign staffers are part of the problem:

ANGEL ALICEA: “At the end of the day if we’re gonna prioritize pronouns over making sure people have a decent standard of living, that’s wrong.”

JOURNALIST: “Yeah, you’re right.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “And when you come from where I come from, no one gives a f**k about a G** d**n pronoun. People want to know how to create a job.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “The thing is – and like I’m here for the pronoun things – but I just feel like I shouldn’t have to say he/him/his, like shouldn’t it just be implied?”


ANGEL ALICEA: “If I tell you otherwise.”

JOURNALIST: “Yeah if I tell you otherwise then yeah, but I mean…”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Like I’ve been called out for saying something like that, but this is why we lose elections because we’re zeroing on sh*t like that.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Don’t call her she in front of her, she’ll be very upset.”


ANGEL ALICEA: “Use the ‘they/them’ pronouns, but it’s like I’m still trying to get up to speed on that, but at the end of the day we’ve become the party that has prioritized that rather than putting food on the table for working families, and it’s like, that’s why we lose. We’re zeroing in on something – And I’m not saying it doesn’t matter, we should make people feel comfortable and accepted.”

JOURNALIST: “Sure, absolutely, I’ll call you whatever you want.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Yeah. But when you put that over making sure people have decent jobs and healthcare, like, it’s a f**king no-brainer why we’re going to G** d**n lose an election.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “I got called out for not having those (pronouns) on my Twitter bio and I was like…”

JOURNALIST: “What, your pronouns?”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Yeah, so I threw them in there just to satisfy the folks.”


ANGEL ALICEA: “I love Paige but like, there’s sometimes where she has ego. But like, she’s one of those people, ‘Oh my intersectionality and peace and love,’ but it’s like, you’re an a**hole… Just certain gestures that she makes, facial expressions like…”

JOURNALIST: “Eye rolling.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Yeah, and I’m like alright, f**k off, because if I do that to you then you know, I’m the worst person, I am a transphobic person or whatever you try to depict me as and it’s like, f**k off.”

JOURNALIST: “And it’s like dude, again…”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Paige was ‘like you’re the only straight here.’ I’m like who f**king cares? I’m not saying you’re the only f**king trans here or something. If I said, that would be taken out of context, I’d be this, this, and that. But it’s like, you know what I mean? This is what the f**king Trump people utilize against us because you say dumb sh*t like that.”


ANGEL ALICEA: “And it’s like I can’t sit here and go… ‘oh my feelings are hurt’ because it’s like one, they’re not, and two…”

JOURNALIST: “Exactly.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Why was that even necessary?”

JOURNALIST: “They’re not.”

ANGEL ALICEA: “Because I like women, you’re going to ostracize me?”


ANGEL ALICEA: “Sorry I don’t like s**king d**k. Like I’m defending your right to do that, but like, who cares? I’m not gonna sit here and ostracize you, so why the f**k do you get the pass to do it to me?”

ANGEL ALICEA: “It’s identity politics, and again, I get called on it for calling it that…I had to do a Diversity / Inclusion Training and I’m like, “What are you going to tell me, you white liberals, that I don’t already know?”

Alicea also spoke candidly about how he views an Iowa LGBTQ Organization, Stonewall Caucus, after they decided to endorse Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker instead of Elizabeth Warren:

 ANGEL ALICEA: “The chair of the Stonewall Caucus, which is like the LGBTQ caucus in the state…Which has very little credibility, their membership is like twenty or thirty people…They literally…First of all they were with Gillibrand but they’re like, ‘Warren’s my second’…And we (Warren Campaign) don’t want to do that because we don’t need to. Like either you come join the winners or go to f**king amateur hour. And they endorse Booker.”


ANGEL ALICEA: “Booker. Because Booker’s team was like come here with open arms because they need anything at this point…The main point is they endorsed Booker because we weren’t gonna f**king like, lay out a red carpet for them…They’re a liability, not an asset in the long-term.”

Project Veritas Action Fund continues to investigate 2020 campaigns in order to bring candidates’ and their staff’s true views and policies to the public light.

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