VIDEOS: Brawl and apparent carjacking caught on camera at University of Minnesota

Videos recorded at the University of Minnesota over the weekend show a man getting his head stomped on and an apparent carjacking, both on University Avenue.

Footage posted to Twitter over the weekend appears to show a group of men stealing a car from its owner on University Avenue in Minneapolis, Saturday night.

The video appears to take place in an area that is commonly considered “on campus” by UMN students. The building that serves as the backdrop for the video below seems to be the UMN Fieldhouse. The video seems to have been recorded from a fraternity house across the street.

The “X” on the map shows the apparent location of the car incident relative to the U. (Google Maps)

The video begins with a man wearing a black and white jacket being pushed away from a white car by two other men. One of the two men beats the person in the jacket who retreats as people pile into the vehicle and drive away.

“Carjacking on university last night,” reads the accompanying text. The video was posted by a Twitter account called Watch Dog UMN.

Alpha News reached out to UMN police seeking confirmation of the incident and will update this article if a response is received.

Another video, reportedly captured in the same vicinity as the carjacking clip, shows a group of people kicking a man as he lays in the street. Some of the man’s assailants even jump and stomp on his head.

The University sent a text notification to students, confirming this incident:

A third clip seems to show street racers doing donuts at what appears to be the intersection of 4th street and 15th Ave. — one block from the main entrance to the U of M campus.


Alpha News Staff