WATCH: Man leads trooper on foot chase down I-94

A man reportedly ran down I-94 for about a mile with a state trooper in tow before he was tackled and taken into custody.

A man leads an officer on a chase down I-94. (YouTube/MN Safety)
A man leads an officer on a chase down I-94. (YouTube/MN Safety)

A newly-released video shows a man leading a Minnesota state trooper on a chase down I-94 through Minneapolis — on foot.

Although this desperate getaway attempt occurred several weeks ago, footage of the event was just recently obtained and circulated by MN Safety, a YouTube channel that publishes footage of interesting events that occur on local roadways.

In the video a man can be seen running, shoes in hand, down the interstate with an officer in tow. The suspect eventually crosses traffic as the trooper and a signal truck direct vehicles away from a potential disaster.

Upon reaching the center divider, the man leaps into oncoming traffic but doesn’t make it far before the trooper pins him to the median barrier and wrestles him to the ground with the help of the signal truck driver.

Shortly after the suspect is subdued, nine other squad cars arrive on scene to make sure the situation is completely resolved. The suspect can be seen moving towards a waiting ambulance as the video ends.

While many commenters under MN Safety’s video apparently found this incident funny, road-based crime in and around the Twin Cities is generally no laughing matter. In August, a man was senselessly gunned down over a minor traffic dispute at a White Castle drive-thru in Minneapolis. In July, a Chicago man shot and killed an unarmed local youth baseball coach on Highway 169 in Plymouth. About one week ago, a woman was killed downtown after a vehicle involved in a rolling gun battle veered onto the sidewalk and struck her at high speed.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.