If you are one of the millions of Americans who plays fantasy football on sites like Fanduel or Draftkings then you may want to keep a close eye on the State Legislature this year.

Representative Joe Atkins of Inver Grove Heights is introducing legislation that will prevent online fantasy sports from being banned, saying it is different than illegal online betting because it takes a level of skill to play.  The legislation will also regulate the sites and enable them to be audited.  Atkins says, “fantasy sports isn’t like regular gambling. It takes skill and research. It’s not the same.”

This legislation will not go unopposed, the Minnesota advocacy group “Citizens Against Gambling Expansion” or “CAGE” will introduce its own legislation, making online fantasy sports betting illegal.  Jake Grassel, a lobbyist for CAGE, says Atkins’ proposal isn’t realistic, saying, “you’re going to create a larger government agency to regulate something that should be illegal, it just doesn’t sound like a serious proposal.”

CAGE says while it may take a level of skill, it still qualifies as illegal online betting, in part because of the “chance” that is involved. Representative Atkins does not believe having a level of chance qualifies it as betting.

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