Wisconsin governor says ‘it’s not safe to have others over’

"This crisis is urgent and our situation is dire."

Gov. Evers/Twitter

In response to COVID-19 spreading quickly through Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers has advised people to stay at home and avoid having guests over as the situation becomes “dire.”

“It’s not safe to go out. It’s not safe to have others over — it’s just not safe. And it might not be safe for a while yet,” the governor said in a statewide address. “So, please, cancel the happy hours, dinner parties, sleepovers, and playdates at your home. And if a friend or family member invites you over, offer to hang out virtually instead.”

The governor and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services have launched a campaign that encourages people to stay home for the holidays and take their celebrations online in order to save lives.

“Unfortunately, with the holidays just around the corner, we recommend that you plan to celebrate just with your own household. You can still invite others to join virtually, but we advise you not to go to any gatherings with people who are not in your immediate home,” Evers continued.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services released guidelines on how to celebrate the holiday season, which includes using their decision tool to “make choices that are best for you and your family.”

“This crisis is urgent and our situation is dire,” the governor wrote on Twitter.

On Nov. 10, Evers signed an executive order that recommends people stay home, but does not order them to do so.

Previously, the Wisconsin governor attempted to extend a stay-at-home order but was blocked by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, an action he said “hamstrung” efforts to respond to the virus.

Currently at 2,637 COVID-19 deaths, Wisconsin is facing a projected death total of 5,463 by Jan. 1, and 8,102 by March, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

“The surges we see — the new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths — these are not foregone conclusions. These are predictable and preventable. That means the fight against this virus is winnable, but only if we fight it together,” said the governor.


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