WOKE WARS: Minneapolis Democrat City Council Member Alondra Cano in Bizzare Rant Says Kamala Harris Controlled by Israel Lobby and Hiding Indian Background

Alondra Cano

Alondra Cano is one of the most outspoken progressive Democrats serving on the Minneapolis City Council. In her last election, she was endorsed by some of the most powerful Democrat aligned special interest groups including.

  • AFL-CIO-Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation
  • DFL Environmental Caucus
  • Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
  • Minnesota Nurses Association
  • Our Revolution Twin Cities
  • OutFront Minnesota Action
  • SEIU Minnesota State Council
  • TakeAction Minnesota
  • Womenwinning

However, her closest relationship has been with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who has a long history of making anti-semitic and anti-American comments.

Ilhan Omar previously endorsed Alondra Cano with the statement

“Alondra Cano is a progressive champion. She has defended our families from industrial pollution, led the fight for a $15 minimum wage, and invested in building a diverse coalition of future leaders. She is a bold advocate for racial equity, with an authentic vision of justice that has never wavered. We need her leadership in City Hall. Please join me to support Alondra Cano at caucus night on April 4th.”

As a reward Councilwoman Cano then hired the husband of Ilhan Omar as a highly paid Senior Aide despite very little experience.

Like her friend Ilhan Omar, Alandra Cano sees the “Israel Lobby” as a major enemy of the people. In a recent post, she attacked a fellow female Democrat by saying

“I think key things to consider are that Kamala works very closely with the Israel lobby and corporate media who owns CNN (and of course claims she won “all the debates”) is a hefty funder of her campaign (she even got her own CNN cover page!). What I find super curious about her is that while she was raised by her Indian mother (who was a very successful researcher) in Canada for a large portion of her formative year – she never publicly claims or iddntifies with the Indian community, it’s almost as if she sees that part of her identity as a political liability”


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Alpha News Staff