‘100 shots’: Minneapolis 4th Precinct building, nearby homes hit by bullets

Nearby homes were also damaged by gunfire. Crime Watch said "a resident came out and said their house was shot up."

Minneapolis Police Department, 4th Precinct. (Tony Webster/Flickr)

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis president is calling the actions of 4th Precinct officers “nothing short of heroic” after a hail of gunfire erupted at about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday near the 4th Precinct building.

“Our officers heard multiple shots being fired in the area of the precinct with some officers hearing bullets whiz by their heads, yet they advanced towards the sound of the gunfire,” said President Sherral Schmidt. “Officers were able to apprehend several suspects who endangered the lives of many and terrorized a neighborhood by recklessly shooting at unknown targets.”

Schmidt said this was just one example of the “heroic, dedicated service officers provide daily to the residents, visitors and people who work in the City of Minneapolis.”

According to police, three men have been arrested in connection to the shootout near Minneapolis’ 4th Precinct. Authorities said they “heard gunfire and the sound of bullets passing them by.” Crime Watch reports there were “100 shots.”

MPD spokesperson Garrett Parten said preliminary information indicates gunfire came from a group of people who were shooting at each other.

Parten said police took cover and saw a vehicle leaving the area. Two men inside the vehicle ran away from the scene on foot. Officers caught and arrested both of them. A gun was also recovered.

“A third male was located hiding in the area. He was arrested and a second gun was recovered,” police said.

A bullet shattered one of the windows on the 4th Precinct building. (Photo provided to Alpha News)

Authorities confirmed the 4th Precinct building was struck by gunfire and “one of the bullets entered the building through a window.” At this time, it is unclear if the building was targeted.

Police sources told Alpha News six cops were in the parking lot at the time of the incident. Some of the rounds came within a foot of one officer’s head.

Nearby homes were also damaged by gunfire. Crime Watch said “a resident came out and said their house was shot up.”

“Numerous” casings were found in an alley from Knox Avenue North to Logan Avenue North, according to police.

No officers fired their weapons and there were no reported injuries.

The incident is under investigation.


Pafoua Yang

Pafoua Yang is a reporter for Alpha News. She has worked as an on-air reporter for stations across the Twin Cities.