1,600+ Reports Of Gunfire In Minneapolis Over Last 30 Days

There have been 1,600 reports of shots fired in Minneapolis in the last month that have left 111 people wounded.

There have been over 1,600 reports of gunfire in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the last 30 days.

Unrest in the city began late last month as protests against police brutality triggered by the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) turned violent. The George Floyd riots destroyed over 1,500 buildings, per the Star Tribune, and seem to have opened the floodgates on shooting violence in the city.

The 1,600+ total number of reports of shots fired recorded by the MPD is the sum total of calls made by citizens who heard gunfire and shots record by the city’s shot spotters. A shot spotter is a device used to detect gunshots and report the location of potential shooters to police.

Source: Minneapolis Police Department

Last year, during the 30 day period of time between May 23, 2019 and June 23, 2019, MPD received 501 reports of shots fired in Minneapolis. This suggests that the city has seen over a 300% increase in gun violence since the George Floyd riots began.

Each blue marker indicates a report of one shooting during a one month period last year. Source: Minneapolis Police Department

The amount of people struck by gunfire in Minneapolis also seems to confirm an increasing amount of violence. At least 20 people have been shot in the city since Saturday night, as of Monday evening according to WCCO and the Tribune. Two more have been stabbed, one of whom died, per KARE 11.

111 people have been shot in the city during the four weeks since George Floyd was killed, according to the police, reports Twin Cities Crime Watch. That averages out to about 4 people struck by gunfire every day.

A livestream captured the tragic aftermath of a recent shooting in Uptown, Minneapolis that wounded 11 and claimed the life of one.

Note: the woman shown laying wounded in this video survived.

Kyle Hooten

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