2nd Amendment Groups Frustrated with Proposed DFL Firearm Legislation

Gun restriction bills in the State Legislature are unpopular with pro-gun groups

St. Paul, MN – Second Amendment advocacy organizations in Minnesota are responding to three firearm bills introduced by the DFL in the Minnesota State Legislature.

During a Thursday press conference DFL lawmakers unveiled three pieces of firearm legislation, fostering concern in several of Minnesota’s Second Amendment supporters.

Senator Jeff Hayden (DFL – Minneapolis), who lost his younger sister, Taylor, to gun violence last year while she was in Atlanta, introduced the “Taylor Hayden Gun Violence Protection Act” which would dedicate $200,000 in taxpayer dollars every year to be given to anti-gun groups like Everytown and Protect MN.

Hayden presented alongside law enforcement officers, anti-gun advocates, and his fellow DFL lawmakers, who introduced two additional pieces of anti-gun legislation. One bill would allow Minnesotans to obtain a court order to withhold guns from mentally unstable family members. The other bill would require background checks for Minnesotans who buy or receive guns from another private citizen. Both bills were introduced in previous legislative sessions.

“We were sorry to hear of the loss that Senator Hayden’s family has suffered with the tragic murder of his sister last year. However, what was proposed last week is more of the same tired old gun control strategies of the past brought out from the same groups, with the same messaging, and the same falsehoods” said Bryan Strawser, Chairman of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, explaining, “Voters across the state rejected their message of gun control soundly in November. Gun control groups spent almost a million dollars in out-of-state funding to win seats in the Minnesota legislature, and succeeded in only two races. Instead, voters sent the strongest pro-Second Amendment majority in recent history to Saint Paul.”

Strawser is correct in his assessment of Minnesotans electing a very pro-Second Amendment majority.  As Alpha News previously reported, Republicans in the State Legislature introduced bills in January to address permitless-carry and stand-your-ground legislation.

The Gun Owner’s Civil Right’s Alliance wrote a Facebook post rejecting the three pieces of DFL gun legislation, stating, “The new one (bill) will force the STATE, using your money, to fund anti-gun advocacy groups. These will need to be blocked.”

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