King & Queen are Dead: U of M Kills Homecoming Tradition

1938 UMN Homecoming Queen and Royalty. University of Minnesota photo.

Homecoming “King” and “Queen” titles to be replaced with gender-neutral “Royalty”

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – There will no longer be a Homecoming King or Queen at the University of Minnesota.  The UMN Student Unions and Activities has announced the titles of Homecoming “King and Queen” have been changed to “the gender-neutral ‘Royalty’.”

The announcement states the change was made to “promote a spirit of inclusion” and will allow for the Royals to be any combination of any gender identity.  

The students who choose to run for Homecoming Royalty compete at various events throughout the months prior to Homecoming.  They are also considered representatives of the UMN and receive scholarships when awarded the Homecoming Royalty title.

The press release also states: “Being crowned as Royalty allows you to embody the true meaning of a being Gopher: a student who respectfully represents the University’s values, connects with the diverse members of the University community, and has excellent school pride.”

Applications and nominations are now being accepted by the UMN Student Unions and Activities department.  

umn homecoming royalty

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle is a former writer for Alpha News.