Researcher Dr. Judith Reisman and show host Dr. Gina Loudon were brought to speak at an event hosted by the Child Protection League.  Dr. Reisman says her research finds that the modern “sexual revolution” is in direct correlation to issues like pornography addiction and sex trafficking.  Reisman says she is sharing her findings because she believes a small percentage of people can change the modern sexual culture, saying, “They can change the Nation, that can be done here.  Two and a half percent of your Minnesota people can look around and say we don’t like what’s happened, let’s learn about how it happened.”

In other news, Calvin Bahr announced he is running for State Representative in district 31B.  Bahr is an independent owner-operator driver and says one of the reasons he is running is to limit the budget, explaining, “In the next few years, ten twelve years, I can’t see voting for a budget that’s any larger dollar wise than we are now.  It’s too bloated. “

This is the third time that Bahr has sought the Republican endorsement but he says voters can expect a “big difference” in his campaign.

Finally, the Metropolitan Council announced that a thirteen mile extension to the light rail’s Blue Line will cost almost $1.5 billion. The extension would travel from Target Field to north metro stations in Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, Crystal, and Brooklyn Park.  The cost burden is almost evenly split between the federal government and state and local agencies.

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