Alyssa Ahlgren – The Democrats’ Kryptonite: Themselves

The hearings, touted by many Democrats as a potential smoking gun for obstruction charges or at least grounds for impeachment, turned out to be what conservatives anticipated – a whole lot of nothing. 

Alyssa Ahlgren

Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, July 24 was yet another example of Democrats hindering their own momentum leading up to the 2020 election. The hearings, touted by many Democrats as a potential smoking gun for obstruction charges or at least grounds for impeachment, turned out to be what conservatives anticipated – a whole lot of nothing. 

Robert Mueller had previously stated if he is called to testify, he will not go beyond what is already stated in the released report. He was true to his word. No new information was revealed in the testimony, no bombs dropped, and Mueller diverted questions that went beyond the scope of the report. At the end of the day, the fact remained true that there lacked sufficient evidence to recommend criminal charges. 

Prior to the hearings, as reported on Fox News, a whopping 49% of Democrats said there was no chance the Mueller testimony would change their mind about Donald Trump and 52% of Republicans said the same. After the testimony, liberal celebrities and figures alike were expressing their distaste over the outcome of the hearings. Many stating that this was a win for President Trump. Once again, the left’s effort to go the extra mile to take down the President was proven futile. 

The continued fixation on the Mueller investigation after its undesired conclusion by the Democrats is only the most recent example of their persistent self-destruction. Republicans and conservatives tend to look at the Democrats’ loathing of President Trump to the point of political irrationality as a net positive for the GOP and conservatism; however, the increasing unproductivity on the hill, as a result, is not good for the American people.

Focusing on taking down one man and defying a party in the name of tribal loyalty has only furthered the distrust of government among the people. One party may gain headway in the realm of public perception but both parties lose in the realm of public governance. Only 21% of Americans do support impeachment according to a recent poll from the Wall Street Journal, yet Democrats insisted on relentlessly pursuing the matter. Going against the majority of your constituents in order to pursue a personal animus for the sitting president is not a sound career move or abiding by the will of the people you are dedicated to serving.

The negative impact of the Democrat’s decisions to align themselves on an anti-Trump mission shows. Trump’s approval ratings are up, and the Democrats look desperate to “beat” the GOP rather than serve the people. In addition to the Mueller investigation, beating the Republicans takes on the form of cultural pandering. Instead of taking the time to introduce bills that would stand a chance in the Senate, thus actually impacting lives and creating change, the bureaucratic left puts on a show of unproductive progressive empathy. The Anti-Lynching Bill, Equality Act, and the Green New Deal have been flaunted by Democrats as brilliant transformative pieces of legislation. In reality, these bills are purposefully designed to take a hot button issue, wording it so Republicans will never vote for it, knowing it will never get passed, and using it as a way to paint Conservatives as unempathetic and evil. 

Lynching was already illegal, it’s called murder. The Equality Act suppressed First Amendment rights and religious liberty. And the Green New Deal, well, you know.

Every move, from the Green New Deal to the Mueller testimony distances the needs of Democratic voters from the actions of their representation in Washington. The political pandering that occurs on the hill is not exclusive to either side of the aisle – electioneering rather than problem solving throughout a congressman’s tenure is a widespread problem. But the election of Donald Trump has eaten away at the rational thought of Democrats in Congress where the focal point of legislation is to attack the political enemy rather than foster improvement to the lives of all Americans.

In the most exemplary illustration of beating a dead horse, Mueller was called to Congress at the behest of Democratic leaders. The media advertised this testimony as the moment that Mueller will finally go against the ancillary findings of the report and reveal that Trump indeed committed high crimes and misdemeanors that should be prosecuted. A majority of America, Republicans and Democrats alike, had moved on from the Mueller investigation, but the media and the Washington Democrats were anxiously on their feet.

The hearings proved to be a loss for Democrats with Robert Mueller looking very disconnected from his own findings, hinting that he may not have had a hand in writing the actual conclusion. Defeated, the left is outraged at their political misstep and resentful of their choice to put all of their faith in Mueller to save them from Trump. What if the Democrats would have accepted the findings (or lack of findings) in the report? What if the left honored the inconclusive evidence and finalization of the investigation and moved on like the rest of America? Well, the Democrats would come off as rational, have the energy to focus on real issues, and have plenty of material to use in ads and campaign videos in order to attempt to sway public opinion.

Democrats are not only hurting themselves when they act in their own personal distaste for the other side of the aisle, they are hurting the people that elected them. Public opinion of government grows increasingly negative and stalling productivity with attacks that can’t even be substantiated by the Department of Justice will not be a favorable tactic for 2020 and beyond. Democrats, take the Mueller investigation as a lesson. Doubling down and pushing farther into political division driven by hatred is not a sign of righteousness, it’s political suicide that is destructive to the causes you claim to care about.


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Alyssa Ahlgren

Alyssa has her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and currently works as an analyst in corporate finance. She grew up in northern Wisconsin and is a former collegiate hockey player. Alyssa is pursuing her passion for current events and politics through writing and being an advocate for the conservative movement.