Bruce Levell: The people are wise to the Democrats crying wolf about racism

As an African-American business owner, I know what racism is. The President is the furthest thing from a racist. If he were a racist, there’s no way that he would have been able to conceal that fact from the entire world for so long.

Bruce Levell

No one is buying the cry wolf game of the left anymore. That’s the reality the Democrats will face as we approach the 2020 election season.

They’ve spent more than four years trying to “end” Donald Trump with dumb story after dumb story, contrived narrative after contrived narrative, and conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. They’ve failed — miserably — every time.

Democrats thought they could seal Trump’s fate on countless occasions, and they really thought they had him with their blatant lies about his remarks after the Charlottesville Riots.

And of course, still clinging to life in the wildest dreams of “#resistance” liberals, there is the Russiagate conspiracy theory that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller thoroughly debunked. All that these episodes have done, though, is embarrass the Democrats who continue to waste their time on such lies and trivialities.

The latest attempt to declare President Trump “over” is based on his recent tweets about the four kookiest leftists in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley. The Democrats think calling Trump’s criticism of those representatives “racist” because they’re all non-white is a winning strategy, but they’re dead wrong.

As an African-American business owner, I know what racism is. The President is the furthest thing from a racist. If he were a racist, there’s no way that he would have been able to conceal that fact from the entire world for so long.

Donald Trump spent four decades as a businessman, during which time he hired and worked with people of every demographic description. Nobody ever called him a racist until he decided to run for President; in fact, Jesse Jackson once praised Trump fulsomely for donating office space on Wall Street so that Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition could help blacks and other minorities get their foot in the door of corporate America.

Since putting his career on hold to become President, moreover, this Commander-in-Chief has implemented policies that are generating tremendous benefits for minority communities, including the lowest unemployment rates on record for blacks and Hispanics. President Trump was also the driving force behind passage of the FIRST STEP Act, an historic prison reform bill that has already led to the release of thousands of non-violent minority inmates who had been given exorbitant prison terms under discriminatory sentencing laws enacted during the 1990s. Similarly, the President’s “Opportunity Zones” program is giving blacks and other minorities a real chance to build generational wealth by promoting enterprise and investment in long-forgotten communities.

Since his initial tweet storm, President Trump has doubled and tripled down on his central contention: if members of “The Squad” are so upset about life in America, they are welcome to get the heck out and go somewhere else, such as Rep. Omar’s native Somalia. If their extremist policies could actually fix the extraordinary problems afflicting that failed state, Americans would probably welcome them back with open arms — but as everybody knows, that would never happen.

Despite the best efforts of Democrats and the liberal media to spin this into a scandal, the President’s support among his base actually went up. The “call him a racist” strategy backfired — again. Not only did it fail to damage the President, it highlighted existing rifts within the Democratic Party by forcing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her establishment allies to circle the wagons and defend the four freshmen socialists, whom Pelosi had been trying for weeks to diminish because their extremist views are dragging down the whole Party. Ironically, it was President Trump who previously defended Pelosi after The Squad attacked her repeatedly for not backing them as “women of color.”

Another recent poll explains why the Democrats’ strategy backfired so badly: their race-baiting is increasingly obvious to voters, who see it as transparent political maneuvering. Moreover, the person they’re defending isn’t even particularly likeable — internal Democratic pollsters found that just nine percent of voters who are familiar with Omar hold a favorable view of her.

In politics, there’s a word for approval ratings like that — a word liberals have been trying to pin on Donald Trump from the moment he came down the golden escalator in Trump Tower to declare his run for President four years ago: toxic.

A 9 percent approval rating is radioactive. Democrat leaders such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are running for cover, trying to shake the albatross of anti-Americanism that Omar and her fellow radicals have hung around the Party’s neck. But at just the moment that Pelosi seemed to be gaining the upper hand, the President’s tweets made Democrats run out into the fire again to stand up for The Squad.

Democrats evidently think we’re still living in the pre-Trump era. They assumed they could just yell “RACIST” and get a nice boost in the polls. They should have learned the lessons of the last four years, though. People have gotten wise to these tactics. Whining about the President’s tweets is not going to make the people who enthusiastically voted for him suddenly side with a woman who spouts vile anti-Semitic tropes and thinks America was “founded by genocide.”

Democrats evidently learned nothing from 2016, and nothing since. President Trump isn’t “done,” but “gotcha” politicking is. Failing to learn that lesson is going to cost the Democrats the presidential election next year.

Bruce LeVell is a jewelry store owner and the Executive Director of National Diversity Coalition For Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. He is the former chair of the Gwinnett County, Georgia Republican Party.

Bruce Levell