Black Lives Matter Calls Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton “A White Supremacist”

Black Lives Matter St. Paul Facebook Cover Photo and excerpts from Feb. 8, 2016 Press Release.


On Feb. 8, 2016 Black Lives Matter St. Paul posted a Press Release on the group’s Facebook page outlining demands the group expected city and state leaders to meet if leaders want to avoid a BLM demonstration during the St. Paul Crashed Ice Event on February 27, 2016.  The demands include the termination of St. Paul Police Officer Jeffrey Rothecker (who recently admitted to posting controversial comments about driving through protesters blocking public streets and how people could avoid prosecution for doing so).

From the Black Lives Matter St. Paul Facebook page:

…so it’s time to bring our voices together as a people and let the gatekeepers of white supremacy know that, it’s social justice time and officer Rothecker needs to be fired and criminally prosecuted…#BlackIce will take place Saturday February 27th, 5:30pm at the Cathedral in St. Paul if the demands below are not met (please see our FB event for more details). This is a non-violent shut down action! Come with no fear, and be free with us in this moment as we continue the fight for black freedom and the end of black fear. If we fear, we are not free.  

The press release continues:

Black Lives Matter Feb. 8, 2016 Press Release
Black Lives Matter Feb. 8, 2016 Press Release


The press release ends with the statement: “#BlackIce can always be avoided” 

On Feb. 17, 2016 Officer Rothecker resigned from the St. Paul Police Department.  However, despite the officer’s resignation, the Pioneer Press is reporting that BLM St. Paul leader, Rashad Turner, has said the “Black Ice” protest “will go on.”

(BLM St. Paul has recently changed the demonstration name from “#BlackIce” to “#BlackCrashedIce,” and continues to list the event on their page.)

BLM PR Full4
Full BLM-St. Paul Press Release


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Andrea Mayer-Bruestle