Bloomington’s ‘family friendly’ pride event replete with drag queens, free condoms

On an Interstate 35W overpass was a sign reading "Child grooming event next exit."

A toddler tips a drag queen at Saturday's Bloomington Pride Celebration. (Rebecca Brannon/Twitter)

The city of Bloomington’s second annual “Pride Celebration” — billed as a family-friendly event — saw drag queens receiving cash tips from young children and a giveaway of condoms and “Plan B” pills.

Minnesota photojournalist Rebecca Brannon posted to Twitter several pictures from the Saturday event, including three pictures showing kids tipping drag performers with cash.

Another picture featured a table of free contraception literature, morning-after pills, condoms, and pregnancy tests.

On an Interstate 35W overpass was a sign reading “Child grooming event next exit,” but it is unclear who placed it there.

The Bloomington Pride Celebration is organized in part by city officials. Event details were posted to the city’s official website. The event was sponsored by two Lutheran churches, the Fox 9 news station, and IKEA, among others.

Activities for the “family friendly” event included “drag story time,” face painting, crafts, lawn games, music, and a drag show to wrap up the event.

Ahead of last year’s Bloomington Pride Celebration, organizers removed Satanist drag queen and homosexual porn star Martina Marraccino from leading a “story hour and show” for children.

Subsequent statements from Bloomington’s mayor and city manager revealed an unawareness of Marraccino’s pornographic background. At least two other drag queens known to have posted sexually explicit content on the internet were allowed to perform.

Other “family friendly” pride events in Minnesota include the upcoming “all ages drag show” at a gay nightclub in Duluth on Labor Day, Sept. 5. Part of the “Duluth-Superior GLBTAQI+ Pride Festival,” the Flame Nightclub Duluth is hosting the show on Monday afternoon. All children get in free.


Evan Stambaugh

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