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$1.8 billion in new school capital spending levies on the ballot...

School spending projects from building renovations to house PreK to performing arts centers are on the ballot. Voting patterns show that most of the spending will be approved by the voters, but did they know the state is already kicking in more money for school facilities?

Rochester School District goes after local Tea Party

It's getting heated in Rochester, where local spending increases could give homeowners a nearly 9% property tax hike. Now the school district has an attorney at taxpayer expense.

University of Minnesota hosts Washington D.C. event to honor Mondale

An A-list of Minnesota Democrats and University of Minneosta faculty celebrated the legacy of former Vice President Walter Mondale in Washington D.C. yesterday.

University Students Demanding an Investigation into The U’s Fetal Tissue Research

Students are calling for President Kaler to clarify that the University's fetal tissue research is not coming from aborted fetuses. A counter-protest ensued.

BREAKING: University obtained fetal parts directly from abortion clinic.

Vice President for Research at the University of Minnesota, tells state Legislator that the University-- at some point-- had procured fetal parts directly from Meadowbrook Women's Clinic in Minneapolis.

DEVELOPING: Letters between U of MN leaders reveal concerns about fetal...

University not only obtained fetal tissue from Advanced Biosciences Resources, but also Stem Express.

Minnesota voters cooling to borrowing and capital spending requests from local...

While $1.1 billion of $1.6 billion in capital spending requests were approved on Tuesday, voters rejected over 40% of the ballot questions on bonding and other new spending. Governor Dayton says we need to catch up on education spending. Take a closer look at where voters said "Yes" and "No" to new spending and the borrowing cost per pupil.

Over 19,000 students seen for mental health issues in the last...

The shocking statistic was first reported by KSTP News. Take a closer look at how the University is assessing students and treating the issue.

9/11 Moment of Recognition Voted Down at UMN – Do Students...

The Minnesota Student Association voted against a "moment of recognition" on the anniversaries of the attacks on September 11th. Do students agree with the vote?

Election Results Spur Recounts in Two East Metro School Districts

Inver Grove Heights School Board candidate Bill Klein’s recount request has been granted by the school board.  According to the Pioneer Press, an incorrect...