Child Protection League Denied Booth Space at Minnesota School Boards Conference

A Minnesota nonprofit seeking to protect children from “exploitation, indoctrination, and violence” was denied booth space at the Minnesota School Boards Association’s (MSBA) annual “Leadership Conference.”

Child Protection League

A Minnesota nonprofit seeking to protect children from “exploitation, indoctrination, and violence” was denied booth space at the Minnesota School Boards Association’s (MSBA) annual “Leadership Conference.”

“As a leading advocate for public education, we appreciate your interest in the 2020 MSBA Leadership Conference. After reviewing your application, we have decided not to offer booth space to your organization,” MSBA Executive Director Kirk Schneidawind wrote in a letter to the Child Protection League (CPL).

The CPL said in a statement posted to Facebook that its application was denied “because we didn’t fit their mission.”

“We educate citizens on issues that protect or threaten the safety of children,” the statement continued. “We are currently running a statewide campaign to inform citizens and school districts that there is a statewide mandate on the table for this upcoming legislative session.”


That statewide mandate would require all public schools in Minnesota to teach Comprehensive Sex Education, called CSE for short. The CSE requirements were first introduced in a bill from State Rep. Todd Lippert (DFL-Northfield) in February. Lippert’s bill passed the House, but not the Senate. His bill was then incorporated into an omnibus education finance bill authored by Rep. Jim Davnie (DFL-Minneapolis). That bill was ultimately left on the table and failed to pass, but legislators plan to address the topic again when they return for session next year.

Lippert’s bill would have required teachers to discuss “healthy relationships, including relationships involving diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.”

During an April debate on the bill, State Rep. Eric Lucero (R-Dayton) exposed CSE’s ties to Planned Parenthood and discussed some of the content that would be taught under the new CSE requirements, as The Minnesota Sun reported.

Lucero said the bill would support Planned Parenthood’s “goal of curriculum for elementary schools,” which includes a book endorsed by the abortion giant called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” He proceeded to read portions of the book to his fellow House members.

“Before we cast that vote, we need to be familiar with the content that you’re voting to expose their minds to. The book speaks about anal, oral, and vaginal sex and that they’re all equivalent,” he said. “I just can’t believe this is even up for debate. This is perversion for our young people. Here it is on page 71—abortion. Well that makes sense. You got Planned Parenthood who’s in the business of abortion, who makes money off abortion. They have a vested interest in promoting abortion to the ends of the earth so they can increase their profit.”

The Child Protection League, a Mankato-based organization, claims CSE teaches children that they “can have any kind of sex anywhere, anytime, with anybody, at any age, and it’s perfectly normal.”

“CSE removes all natural and protective boundaries for children and teens, encouraging early sexual exploration in graphic detail,” the group said in a flyer for its recent “Protect Kids Rally” hosted on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol.

The organization says that CSE allows unlicensed Planned Parenthood officials and gender activists to enter the classroom and “teach these dangerous and unhealthy practices.”

“CSE grooms children for early sexual activity making them vulnerable targets for sexual abuse, experimentation and trafficking,” states the CPL.

The MSBA’s annual Leadership Conference is scheduled for January 16 and 17 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Hundreds of organizations were granted booth space at the MSBA’s 2019 conference, including Education Minnesota, the state’s largest teachers’ union.

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