China says it will ‘heavily attack’ U.S. troops if America defends Taiwan

"It is credible that the [People’s Liberation Army] will heavily attack U.S. troops who come to Taiwan’s rescue," a Chinese state-controlled news outlet announced.

This is a screenshot from a Chinese military propaganda video. (YouTube/Screenshot)

(American Greatness) — The Chinese military has issued a direct threat against any possible American military forces that attempt to defend the country of Taiwan, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The threat was made on Thursday in the Chinese state-controlled newspaper Global Times, in which it was written that “it is credible that the [People’s Liberation Army] will heavily attack U.S. troops who come to Taiwan’s rescue.”

“Such credibility is increasingly overwhelming the deterrence that U.S. troops may have,” the paper continued. “If Washington supports the Taiwan authority’s path of seeking secession and encourages the Taiwan authority to rely on it, then reunification by force will definitely happen. The more the U.S. and the island of Taiwan collude, the sooner reunification by force will come.”

Tensions have been rising in recent months, as China appears to be building up its material presence along the coastline near the island nation of Taiwan. The Chinese military has also taken to frequently sending warplanes within the island’s airspace, in a clear display of military aggression and political intimidation. Although Taiwan has claimed independence from mainland China, the current Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has repeatedly claimed authority over the island.

When asked about the possible preparations for an invasion of the country by the Communist regime, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that the United States has made preparations of its own to counter any efforts by China to invade the island nation. Sullivan said that the White House’s goal is to ensure that a Chinese takeover of Taiwan “never happens.”

The Global Times piece included a direct response to Sullivan, asking him to “please be advised to sort out your mind carefully, and think about what bargaining chips you do have in your hands to intimidate the Chinese mainland, which is determined to achieve national reunification and has various strategic tools to resist blackmail.”

“You will find your hands empty,” the paper continued. “Therefore, don’t have a big mouth, Mr. Sullivan, otherwise you will only create more embarrassment for your country.”

The challenge in China comes as the Biden Administration is facing another potential crisis overseas, with Russia building up a military presence along the border with Ukraine in what appears to be preparations for a similar invasion. Joe Biden recently held a two-hour video conference call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the White House and the Kremlin giving differing accounts as to the tone of the conversation.


Eric Lendrum