‘City is in crisis’: Minneapolis principals issue warning after students targeted by criminals 

Dr. Emily Palmer, principal of Washburn High School, said Minneapolis "is in crisis, and it is hurting our kids."

Thomas Edison High School in Minneapolis. (Thomas Edison High School/Facebook)

Minneapolis criminals are reportedly targeting students after school lets out and robbing them on their commutes home, according to a letter from high school principals in the city.

“In recent days, many of us have seen even more violent incidents that are directly impacting our students; especially when school is letting out,” says a letter signed “Your Minneapolis High School Principals” and posted to the social media channels of several Minneapolis high schools.

According to North High School, this criminal activity has involved “cars with unknown passengers, circling after school lets out and following and/or robbing students once they’re a block or so away from school.”

“Families should remain in discussions around safe measures with your students, ensure that the safest routes home are being followed and even consider inviting your high schooler to be on the phone with you, or another loved one, while in transit,” the letter continues.

Dr. Emily Palmer, principal of Washburn High School, said Minneapolis “is in crisis, and it is hurting our kids.”

According to Palmer, her school is hosting practices for surrounding sports teams because their own parks are “too dangerous.”

“Carjackings are happening in our neighborhood. It’s real,” she added.

These principals no longer have school resource officers in their hallways because the Minneapolis school board voted last year to cut ties with the police department following the death of George Floyd. One school board member even acknowledged that this would result in slower police response times for school incidents.

The city’s teachers union also voiced its support for a charter amendment to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department, which failed to pass in last week’s election.


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