Pornography, Sexual Exploitation Find Home In City Pages

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Edit: the original article used words that can be interpreted that Elizabeth Smart had directly contacted City Pages. That was an error and we have made the edits 


Previously advocates against pornography sent out a call to justice in efforts to have City Pages stop running advertisements that advocate the continuation of these abominations. 

City Pages is standing by it’s content

Over half of the advertisements in the ad-section of City Pages had a picture of a scantily clad woman, a sexual innuendo, or an outright invitation to infidelity. Advertisements in this free, public magazine advocated for “sexy service all day, every day,” “full nudity,” and “explicit chats;” massages with “hands that ease and please” and “healing touch” (emphasis not added). Some advertisements go as far as to mock the women that they are selling by stating “1,000’s of beautiful girls & 3 ugly ones.”

Real Advertisements featured in City Pages

The far-left City Pages, a magazine that often produces feminist content, advertises for an industry that commodifies and takes advantage of women. And one would hope they would oppose the pornographic industry that contributes as much of a carbon footprint to climate change as all the households in France.

City Pages is profiting of pornography and the commodification of women. There is no other way around this unfortunate truth. Simply put, pornography degrades human dignity and City Pages, and it’s parent company Star Tribune are cashing in.

The industry that is largely funding City Pages has been found as the biggest contributors to sex trafficking and human slavery.

In a recent report, Polaris Project wrote:

Massage parlors provide the comfort of a built-in cover story for sex buyers — that they just “wanted a massage.” Buyers at illicit massage parlors are rarely targeted by law enforcement. A strong law enforcement option is demand stings—police operations aimed at holding sex buyers accountable while not arresting trafficked women.


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