Clinton Slams Trump, Promises Several Universal Programs While in Minneapolis

Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President Hillary Clinton spoke at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Monday to the American Federation of Teachers.  Clinton made sure to be clear about her several proposals for universal programs, saying she supports free education from Pre-K to college, as well as universal healthcare and access to broadband internet.

Clinton addressed her presumptive opponent Republican Donald Trump, going as far as suggesting he is even responsible for increased playground bullying, saying, “Parents and educators across America are already worried about what they’re calling the ‘Trump Effect,’ with bullying and harassment on the rise in our schools.”

US Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken spoke to show their support for Secretary Clinton and her platform, joining in on the negativity surrounding Trump. Senator Klobuchar said, “It is a choice between electing a leader who is determined to making education affordable for all, or someone who has scammed students with his Trump University. That is a choice.”

The Federation first endorsed Clinton back in 2015 and is more than 1.6 million members strong.

Julia Erynn