Congressional Candidate Hoping the Second Time’s a Charm

Hitting the campaign trail for a second time, Republican Jim Hagedorn is running in Southern Minnesota’s First Congressional District to challenge Democratic United States Representative Tim Walz.

Hagedorn says Walz is “the most liberal congressman in the history of Southern Minnesota” going on to say, “I would be more representative of that district.”

Hagedorn ran against Walz in 2014 and lost by 8.5%.  Walz won the district for the DFL in 2006. Hagedorn says he has been campaigning again full time since he lost two years ago. He believes the political climate could help him in the swing district, explaining, “It’s actually a good district for us, the things are in our favor. The people are not liking the way the country is moving, they think it’s moving in the wrong direction, don’t want four more years of Obama policies. They certainly don’t want a Supreme Court stacked with liberals that are going to take away their Second Amendment rights and other freedoms.”

Hagedorn says if elected one of his main priorities will be immigration control, saying “I’ve called for a refugee program ‘time out’ to make sure we can figure out what’s going on because Minnesota has a terrorist recruiting problem from refugees that have come here from Somalia and other places. The existing program isn’t working, it’s not just future refugees, it’s the ones that are already here.”

Before Hagedorn can officially take on Congressman Walz he needs to best his primary challenger Steve Williams on August 9th.