Commentary: Minnesota’s worst law of all time

Women in Minnesota are now more than ever at risk of being coerced into having an abortion without receiving life-affirming options.

Women in Minnesota are now more than ever at risk of being coerced into having an abortion without receiving life-affirming options. (Shutterstock illustration)

WOAT is an acronym used to indicate that someone or something is the Worst of All Time. Someday, I believe, the “Minnesota Protect Reproductive Options” law will be recognized as Minnesota’s WOAT Crime, or MNWOATC.

The beauty of an infant in the womb is not dependent upon being wanted or unwanted.  C.S. Lewis’s novel “Till We Have Faces” contains the phrase, “at every age the beauty proper to that age,” and so it is with the beauty of an unrepeatable young human being in the womb. When governments or tyrants begin their crimes against humanity, they always portray their actions as good for some members of society. These crimes do not just happen. They occur over time by dehumanizing the victims and completely ignoring their beauty and humanity.

Nascent children have been dehumanized by those who want to use their power against the powerless. Terms such as reproductive health care, autonomy, shout your abortion, choice, products of conception, and tissue cells debase the dignity of the young human being. Compare this to the language in a book written before the above terms were contrived, describing an egg fertilization. “When an ovary produces an egg cell it does something else, too. It makes the lining of the uterus, the pear-shaped sac, all soft and ready for a new baby to nestle into and grow, just as we make a guest room ready in our house for an unexpected guest.”

MWOATC not only increases unwanted and dangerous abortions (there is no mandatory mental health screening or informed consent), it emboldens other crimes such as human trafficking. It’s not difficult to imagine a young teenager who is trafficked and becomes pregnant. She can be forced by the threat of severe harm to have an abortion. Parents who love and care about their daughter are left helpless to protect her.

The primary beneficiary of MNWOATC is Planned Parenthood. Considering its history of targeting blacks, you could say it profits from collecting Black Lives Money.

Never has there been a crime in Minnesota so heinous as to allow the dismemberment of a human right before birth. There is nothing that transforms a baby into a human by passing through the birth canal. Why should delivery at birth grant protection under the law and then only if the infant is wanted?  The members of the political party that supported MNWOATC know the birth canal is not magical. They attempted to remove the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which protects babies who survive botched abortions.

To those who say there are no late-term abortions, just do an internet search. Even when there are regulations, you will find hardened late-term abortionists such as Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who snipped the spinal cords of born babies.

Those who support abortion may do so because the thought of human beings created in the image of God seems ludicrous. The famous atheist Ludwig Feuerbach said, “The superhuman God is only imaginary, an edifying cliché, and a toy of fantasy.”  What if man as God is only imaginary, an edifying cliché, and a toy of fantasy? Where is your wager, and what if you are wrong?

The MNWOATC ringleader, Gov. Tim Walz, stated during his campaign that he was not in favor of late-term abortions. His opponent, Dr. Scott Jensen, was called a liar for suggesting Walz supported abortion until birth. Don’t expect the governor to apologize for lying.

Abortion is not the only crime that was legalized. A young teenager or child can choose to become sterilized without parental involvement. Without protection under the law, troubled youth will continue to suffer irreparable damage.

There is no doubt that some of the pro-abortion politicians in Minnesota believed that they were courageous in allowing abortion until birth without any restrictions. In fact, “reproductive health care” until birth was not enough for the most ardent activists. One politician chided members of her party who wouldn’t go along with the repeal of the born-alive protections as being “scared.” Does it take courage to allow an innocent baby to be neglected or killed after birth? In The Hobbit, Gandalf says, “True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.”

Minnesota abortion law is now comparable to China. The difference is that China, in a change from its earlier one-child policy, now allows and even provides incentives for up to three children. While China has moved towards fewer abortions, Minnesota has gone in the opposite direction.

Women in Minnesota are now more than ever at risk of being coerced into having an abortion without receiving life-affirming options. As women experience nearly unbearable pain and sorrow, they will, I’m convinced, realize that they have been duped and demand a repeal of the notorious “Minnesota Protect Reproductive Options” law. After it is repealed, it will be remembered as Minnesota’s Worst of All Time Crime.

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Russ Rooney