Commentary: Radical professor’s Senate hearing embodies the out-of-touch left

Parochial progressives have no idea how to talk to the majority of the country that disagrees with them on these matters. 

Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridges participates in a U.S. Senate hearing last week. (C-SPAN)

During a U.S. Senate hearing last week on the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridges — who seems to teach only about race and abortion — beclowned herself and academia as a whole.

Asked by Sen. John Cornyn whether she thought an unborn baby has value, Bridges argued, “I believe a person with the capacity for pregnancy has value.”

Queried next by the Texas politician about the actual baby, like any unpersuasive pro-abortion zealot, she predictably and categorically ignored its existence.

When Cornyn noted she wasn’t answering the question, Bridges abruptly deflected by saying, “I’m answering a more interesting question to me.”

Finally, Sen. Josh Hawley jumped in by asking, “You’ve referred to people with a capacity for pregnancy. Would that be women?”

Bridges replied that many “cisgender women” can become pregnant, as can “trans men and nonbinary people.” Then she went ad hominem, telling Hawley, “So, I want to recognize that your line of questioning is transphobic.”

She continued to smugly dodge, treating a U.S. senator — who graduated from Yale Law School and clerked for Chief Justice John Roberts — with contempt.

Unaccustomed to being challenged and likely perturbed by Hawley’s legitimate questions in sync with how most Americans feel, Bridges effectively deemed the Missourian a bigot, absurdly saying he placed trans people at risk of violence or suicide.

Woke lefties were ebullient, claiming Bridges schooled the Republican. But conservatives understand the odious professor’s performance again proved how Democrats are incredibly out of touch.

That the left can’t see how badly this exchange went for their side shows that academia and media institutions continue to run the Democrat Party.

Bridges, 43, lives a privileged existence in the classroom bubble, and thus does not know that the preponderance of voters think she’s a lunatic; more importantly, even pro- choice Americans realize a late-term fetus has value.

Her pedantic approach can be effective on an illiberal campus like Berkeley, where opposing views on such topics are seldom up for discussion and her obsequious students surely obey. Calling someone “transphobic” works at gated institutions where dissent is too often quelled, yet leaves a Bridges type unprepared and unwilling to debate.

Before heading to the Bay Area to teach, she was a graduate student in New York City for a decade, so her life experience is limited.

So within narrow-minded circles, the professor’s tactic was hailed as “schooling” Hawley, but parochial progressives have no idea how to talk to the majority of the country that disagrees with them on these matters.

“They have lost their minds and the whole country can see it,” Hawley told Fox News.

MNSBC tried to declare Hawley a big loser, too, but as reported by the Daily Caller, even some of their own partisans disagreed.

Since our political debates surround race and class, it’s worthwhile to review a recent post from the Liberal Patriot relaying how much upper middle class progressives dislike America and believe the offensive myth of “systemic racism.” The same goes for their extremist abortion beliefs.

Bridges may want to delve into studies commissioned by her fellow liberals. Since she refuses to listen to conservatives, such efforts may help her find some humility.


A.J. Kaufman
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