Commentary: The Biden administration’s continuous deceit insults all Americans

81 million Americans supposedly elected Biden for humility and candor. But his administration is producing constant drama.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks before signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Nov. 15. (White House/Flickr)

I respect the Office of the President, even when I don’t admire the occupant. However, lies, pedantic rhetoric, and hypocrisy can only be tolerated so long.

Because Democrats are panicked, they purposely push prevarications to distract voters from the disastrous 14 months over which they’ve presided.

As polls look dreadful, the insular party’s plans to reverse its fortunes are relegated to smug lies.

We first were told inflation wasn’t happening; then it was “transitory;” then was due to supply chain chaos; and now is blamed on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, even though that began nearly a year after prices started rising.

They also lied about their radical transformative agenda, which was mainly concocted by socialist Bernie Sanders, and now supposedly will fight the inflation that’s also apparently Vladimir Putin’s doing.

They lack answers to soaring gas prices, and surely misled about the tragic surrender in Afghanistan, which they promised would not be shambolic.

They constantly push false narratives about the Second Amendment, education, the southern border, and anything that can distract the public, including the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

“It’s downright Orwellian when you think about it,” Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty recently told Fox News. “All of the problems are true. And the Democrats have been able to spin with a very friendly media — and I’ve got to say that’s key to it — but a very friendly media and Big Tech that has actually been able to step in and cancel voices of reason and truth sometimes when they disagree with this administration.”

Will it work? Insufferable Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is trying.

The failed presidential candidate and would-be demagogue has spent most of 2022 blaming everything on corporations. Her claim, of course, is unoriginal balderdash. After all, why would corporations engage in their supposed “greed” with wonderful, caring Democrats in charge? Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer disingenuously blame oil companies.

Asked recently about gas prices, President Biden first said he can’t remedy them, then blamed Putin, the same tyrant who two years ago Biden insisted was scared of him. I guess Putin was so fearful of Biden that his army invaded Ukraine while Uncle Joe was vice president and again while he was commander-in-chief.

Outside of failed policies, 81 million Americans supposedly elected Biden for humility and candor. But his administration is producing constant drama and perfidy.

In a recent Wall Street Journal poll, respondents said they preferred a Republican congressional candidate to a Democrat by over 5 points on the generic ballot, where Democrats almost always lead.

And the coalition of the ascendant further shatters when Hispanic voters back a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat by nearly double digits. Support for a Republican candidate also rose from 12 to 27% among black voters the last four months.

Finally on the issues, Republicans hold a whopping 26-point lead in which party voters trust to secure the U.S.-Mexico border; a 20-point advantage on who can best handle the surging crime wave; and a 7-point lead in overseeing foreign policy.

Even sitting congresswomen acknowledge the party’s extremism and calamitous fortunes.

If these numbers hold — and choosing electable candidates in swing districts remains critical to overall success — a November red wave should crescendo and effectively end Biden’s fledgling presidency.


A.J. Kaufman

A.J. Kaufman is an Alpha News columnist. His work has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Florida Sun-Sentinel, Indianapolis Star, Israel National News, Orange County Register, St. Cloud Times, Star-Tribune, and across AIM Media Midwest and the Internet. Kaufman previously worked as a school teacher and military historian.