Community mourns murdered Shakopee woman, suspect charged

Friends and coworkers gathered Thursday at the intersection where America Thayer was tragically murdered this week.

Friends and coworkers gathered Thursday at the intersection where America Thayer was tragically murdered. (Photo by Rebecca Brannon)

Community members gathered at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Spencer Street in Shakopee, Minnesota, Thursday to honor the life of America Mafalda Thayer, a 55-year-old woman who was brutally murdered in broad daylight.

Thayer was beheaded Wednesday by 42-year-old Alexis Saborit, according to police.

One of her neighbors said Thayer recently asked to spend the night because she was afraid Saborit was going “to wake up and start again.” Saborit was convicted of domestic assault in 2017 for abusing Thayer.

Friends and coworkers described her as a “happy and bubbly” person who gave so much to others.

Saborit was charged Friday with second-degree intentional murder. According to the criminal complaint, officers arrived on the scene to discover a body with no head. In a nearby yard, they found what looked like a sheath for a machete.

“The woman had been decapitated and her head was lying approximately one foot away from her body,” the complaint states.

The complaint says that Saborit killed Thayer because she wanted to end their relationship.

The weapon used in the attack was discovered Thursday by a dog in a garden near the intersection of Spencer Street and Fourth Avenue.

“Officers responded to the area and observed a black handle sticking up from the ground, concealed in a bush. The knife was almost entirely concealed and difficult to see. It appeared as though it had been plunged into the dirt somehow. The knife was a black machete with a partially serrated edge. The blade was covered with blood-like substance and there appeared to be strands of hair on the blade,” the complaint says.

The gruesome attack was witnessed by several people in the area, including a woman who recorded a video of Saborit picking up his victim’s head.


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