CRT in schools ‘is illegal,’ says Minnesota AG candidate Doug Wardlow

Doug Wardlow, a Republican candidate for attorney general in Minnesota, outlined Keith Ellison's history of supporting domestic terrorism in an interview with Alpha News.

Doug Wardlow is a former Minnesota state representative who is now running to be the state’s next attorney general, replacing left-wing Keith Ellison.

Wardlow sat down with Alpha News Wednesday to discuss the hottest issues in Minnesota right now. At the forefront of the discussion was the ongoing effort to replace the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), Ellison’s history of supporting cop killers and domestic terrorists, and critical race theory (CRT). On this final issue, Wardlow said he would sue schools that refuse to discontinue the use of CRT-based curricula if he becomes the next AG.

“Whenever a school district teaches critical race theory, they are imposing racism and creating a hostile environment in schools that discriminates on the basis of race and that is illegal … it is illegal,” he affirmed.

If he wins next November and replaces Ellison, Wardlow said he will “counsel the schools [that use CRT] first, we could apply pressure, [and] if necessary we can bring a lawsuit.”

Wardlow plans to advocate for a number of other conservative causes, chief among them being restoring law and order. He blames Ellison for failing to uphold the law and encouraging efforts to undermine policing, especially in the Twin Cities.

“We have skyrocketing violent crime across Minneapolis, across St. Paul … a pervasive climate of lawlessness has really taken hold and Keith Ellison is largely to blame. He has done nothing as violent crime has skyrocketed. He stood back and did nothing as our cities burned,” Wardlow said. “He has been engaging in a war on our police.”

Wardlow said Ellison’s trend of anti-law enforcement activism is much older than his term as attorney general. Rather, “he’s got a long history of anti-police bias. He was an acolyte of Louis Farrakhan back in the ’90s … he worked and rallied and raised money for people like Sara Jane Olson, who was convicted of planting pipe bombs under cop cars in Los Angeles back in 1975,” Wardlow explained.

Later, Olson “was in Minnesota for a while living under an alias and then she was discovered here and Keith Ellison actually helped her, helped raise money for her, helped rally for her, spoke out in support of her even though she is a domestic terrorist.”

“Keith Ellison rallied and raised money and support” for the men responsible for assassinating police officer Jerry Haaf in Minneapolis in the mid-90s, Wardlow noted.

Ellison has “now taken his anti-police bias into the office of the attorney general where he is the top legal and law enforcement official in the state and he is waging that war against the police,” Wardlow said, adding that the current AG has not taken over the prosecution of a single left-wing rioter.



Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.