Daunte Wright’s victims speak out as Kim Potter trial unfolds

"Everybody feels so horrible for this man, but no one takes the time to see how horrible of a person he was," said one of his victims.

Daunte Wright, left, posed with a handgun before allegedly robbing the woman on the right. (Fox News)

Victims of Daunte Wright’s alleged crimes are speaking out as the Kim Potter trial progresses in court.

Fox News has been interviewing Wright’s victims, including the mother of one victim who can no longer speak or walk thanks to Wright.

In separate interviews, two of his female victims said that “karma is a b–,” referring to Wright’s death after Potter, a former Brooklyn Center police officer, shot him dead on accident. Potter claims she meant to fire her Taser but mistakenly grabbed her gun.

According to Fox, the two women “would have preferred Wright face consequences for his actions in a court of law — while also arguing that his own decision in attempting to flee a lawful traffic stop contributed in part to his shooting death on April 11.”

In another interview, an unnamed woman recounted an incident in which Wright allegedly choked her while attempting to rob her in her own apartment.

“What just blows my mind is that someone can literally strangle someone to where they can’t breathe, they can’t even gasp for air, because their airways are getting crushed,” she said. “No one should have to go through something like that and then have to accept death at 20 years old — looking into somebody’s eyes while they are holding a loaded gun to you.”

In December 2019 Wright attended a party at her apartment and stayed overnight because he didn’t have a ride home. The following morning he allegedly choked the woman while trying to pull $820 in cash from under her bra. The woman’s roommate paid her the money to cover her share of the rent.

Wright then allegedly threatened to shoot her before choking her a second time. He eventually fled the apartment without the cash.

“Everybody feels so horrible for this man, but no one takes the time to see how horrible of a person he was,” she added.

Fox News also interviewed Jennifer LeMay, the single mother of 18-year-old Caleb Livingston, another Wright victim. She said Livingston requires around-the-clock care because he cannot walk, talk, or take care of himself. He takes in food through a straw and breathes through a tracheostomy tube.

“This hurts tremendously,” she said. “This didn’t affect just solely Caleb, this has affected my whole family.”

Livingston and Wright had once been good friends, but they had a falling out that was exacerbated when Livingston reportedly beat up Wright in front of a group of people. In May 2019, Wright retaliated by allegedly shooting Livingston in the head.

LeMay is also suing Wright’s estate, seeking damages for Livingston’s “significant permanent disabilities.” Like the unnamed victims, she said she would have preferred to see Wright tried and convicted in a court of law for his alleged crimes.


Evan Stambaugh

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