David Steinberg Reports: The Omar Investigations

Rep. Drazkowski met with the FBI to present his file and request an investigation into Ilhan Omar this past October 10.

Minnesota state representative Steve Drazkowski is the gentleman who filed the complaint against Ilhan Omar with the state campaign finance board. The board found Omar responsible for numerous infractions and released its investigative file early this past June. Thanks to the board investigation, we learned that Omar filed joint tax returns with Ahmed Hirsi (to whom she was not married) while she was “legally” married to her brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Trying to embarrass the Star Tribune into covering the revelations of the board investigation, we explored the board file in depth on Power Line. The Star Tribune finally got around to it in the June 23 story “New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage history.” . It was the Star Tribune’s most-read news story of 2019.

Rep. Drazkowski is a persistent gentleman. Drawing on David Steinberg’s work at PJ Media and on Power Line, he has contacted the United States Attorney for Minnesota and presented it for investigation of possible criminal misconduct by the FBI. David is of course the genius researcher who has established himself as the foremost investigative reporter on Omar’s tangled life.

Rep. Drazkowski met with the FBI to present his file and request an investigation this past October 10. (Like David, I declined an invitation to attend, in my case because of the need to protect the confidentiality of my sources.) David reports on Drazkowski’s October 10 meeting and subsequent events in the Blaze column “Finally. The Feds — including ICE — appear to be investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar.”

Several of the events in issue occurred so long ago that legal action based on them may well be barred by applicable statutes of limitations. Omar’s more recent false representations in state court filings seem to make an unlikely candidate for federal law enforcement. Omar’s fraudulent tax filings — about which she has refused to say anything other than that she is square with the IRS — raise other complications. I am afraid that if no charges are brought, Omar will claim some kind of vindication, although it would be nothing of the kind.

Anyone who looks seriously at the available evidence, including the evidence David has produced at PJ Media and on Power Line, will conclude that Omar is an unprecedented fraud. The Star Tribune labored mightily to find a shred of evidence supporting Omar’s story, such as it is, in its June 23 article. Read the article closely; the Star Tribune was unable to find a shred of evidence supporting Omar. We have never seen Omar’s likes before, at least not in the upper reaches of American politics.

In his reporting on Omar, David always takes care to credit my own work on Power Line along with Preya Samsundar’s 2016 work at Alpha News, as in his tweet yesterday (below). Make no mistake, however, Steinberg himself is the man and he remains on the case. Please check his Twitter feed and consider supporting his work. The story is out there for the asking, but the Star Tribune simply does not want to close the loop on Omar frauds.

David tweeted out a nine-part thread on his Blaze column yesterday. The sixth (below) links to his monumental Power Line post of this past July 19.


Scott Johnson

Scott W. Johnson is a Minneapolis attorney who writes for Power Line and serves on the board of Alpha News.