Despite Audio Evidence Rep. Brad Tabke Doubles Down on False Statements

Tabke is slated to be a major beneficiary of the well funded liberal special interests groups in 2020.

Brad Tabke

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Brad Tabke responded on social media to a previous story published on 6/22/19.

Rep. Tabke held a forum on 6/15/19 at the Shakopee Library. He met with Convention of States activists seeking to adopt a Balanced Budget Amendment and Term Limits. 

Alpha News reported on this forum based on an obtained recording of the meeting. There, Tabke made a statement that nearly a half million dollars was spent against him in his 2018 election. 

The story was posted in a Facebook group called ‘Concerned Citizens of Shakopee’ which has about 11,000 members. Shakopee is a city Tabke represents in the Minnesota legislature.

The article received over 300 comments from members of the Concerned Citizens of Shakopee Facebook group, from both sides of the aisle. 

Then Rep. Tabke himself posted; contradicting the original reporting:

”I said that we think there was between $300 to 500k spent in the #MN55a race in 2018.”

However, he didn’t say that. Not even close. The audio recording of the forum is very clear as he said: “I had nearly a half a million dollars spent against me for a local 55A race. Half a million dollars. [emphasis added] And, ah, it’s, it’s insane.” 

Listen to the audio file here 

As previously reported along with the charts provided, Rep. Tabke only had about $14,000 spent against him according to mandatory campaign reports on expenditures against candidates.  In fact, the opponent of Brad Tabke had over double that spent against him. 

Alpha News reached out to Rep, Tabke – to get his comments about him continuing to make false statements at public forums and social media but he did not answer or return the voice message left. 

Tabke texted back asking for the questions in writing in a text or to his a government email address. A return text let him know there was contradictory information and asking to talk directly to him about it on 6/26/19 in the morning or afternoon but Rep. Tabke never responded. One more call was placed on the 26th but he failed to answer or respond by the deadline for this article. 

Tabke’s last election was very close due to an unprecedented Democratic wave through the suburbs. Tabke is slated to be a major receiver of funding from well funded Democrat-aligned special interests groups again in 2020.

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