DFL Official Suspended After Calling For Republicans To Be Decapitated

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party has suspended a party official who called for Republicans to be decapitated after Election Day.

William Davis, deputy communications director for the DFL, commented on a Facebook post about Democrats regaining power in the midterm election, saying Republicans should be brought “to the guillotines” the day after the election.

“11.7 — bring them to the guillotines,” Davis commented.

According to the Associated Press reporter Kyle Potter, the DFL has called the comment “unacceptable” and has suspended Davis for a week.

Kory Wood, General Consultant for Doug Wardlow for Attorney General, said the comments were a “new low” in politics.

“The comments made by William Davis are disgusting and appalling,” Wood said. “The call for decapitation of members of the Republican party has no place in our politics. This is a new low.”

Republican National Committee spokesperson Preya Samsundar also reacted to Davis’ comment, calling it “appalling and disturbing.”

“In a time where Republicans are being targeted for their stance on the issues, the comments made by the Minnesota DFL’s Deputy Communications Director seemingly perpetuate the belief that violence against one’s opponent – especially if they are conservative – is acceptable,” Samsundar said. “These comments are appalling and disturbing and have no place in a civil society. Chairman Ken Martin and Democrat candidates for office must condemn these comments immediately.”

DFL Chairman Ken Martin has not yet publicly responded to the comments made by Davis.

Update as of 5:45 p.m.:

DFL Executive Director Corey Day issued a statement, saying Davis’ comment was “completely inconsistent with the standards we hold our employees to.”

“The comment made by William Davis on social media this weekend was unacceptable,” Day said. “The DFL offers its apologies and assurance that these types of remarks by our employees are not the way we conduct our business.”

Davis has been suspended without pay for a week.

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