Mike Huckabee: Democrats display outrage in Congress, voters should display theirs on election day

Exclusive op-ed from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Credit: Gage Skidmore

The Democrats’ circus-like approach to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process laid bare their broader strategy to regain power.

With the help of their allies in the mainstream media, the Democrats and their paid protesters used street theater in the hearing rooms and halls of Congress to express their outrage over Kavanaugh, making a mockery of our institutions and traditions.

This is exactly why voters must use the ballot box on November to properly express their outrage over the Democrats’ treatment of Kavanaugh and the confirmation process on the whole.

What began as a callous exploitation of people’s natural empathy for victims of sexual assault quickly grew in scope, tarnishing reputations and escalating to the point of outright absurdity.

Lacking the votes to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation on the merits, Democrats unleashed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s unverifiable allegation, but only after keeping it under wraps long enough to suggest that they had their doubts about it.

When they failed to stymie the nomination process, the Democrats began to seize on any and every accusation that surfaced against Kavanaugh, no matter how fantastical. They were bound and determined to portray Kavanaugh as some kind of sexual deviant at all costs.

Throughout the saga, mainstream media outlets were willing accomplices to the Democrat smear campaign against Kavanaugh, intrepidly digging up every tidbit of information they could find to build the case that the distinguished judge has actually been a boorish drunk for most of his life.

No assertion was too trivial to attract their scrutiny, which is why most of the country spent the better part of a day hearing about how Kavanaugh may have thrown ice at someone in 1985.

Of course, whenever they came across information that undermined the various aspersions cast against Kavanaugh, those same media outlets suddenly (and selectively) rediscovered their journalistic skepticism.

Even as they continued to insist that it would be sexist to merely question Dr. Blasey about her allegation, liberal reporters employed every investigative tool in their arsenal to try to discredit Kavanaugh’s answers to the accusatory questions that Democrats peppered him with during his Judiciary Committee hearing — Vox, for instance, wants to be sure we know that Urban Dictionary offers a definition of “boof” that differs from Kavanaugh’s.

Ultimately, though, Senator Cory Booker had to acknowledge the truth, which is that the left never actually cared about whether the allegations against Kavanaugh were true. The question isn’t “whether he is ‘innocent or guilty,’” Booker told reporters, arguing that the mere existence of the allegations means that we should “move on to another candidate.”

The entire charade reveals the depths to which the Democrats and their leftist allies in the media will sink to advance their radical agenda.

Voters should be outraged — and they have a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that in the way founders intended — at the polls on November 6. They can show Democrats that they won’t get away with the destructive new strategy that was exposed during the Kavanaugh confirmation for all of America to see.


Mike Huckabee was the 44th governor of Arkansas and a 2016 Republican candidate for president. He is currently host of “Huckabee” on TBN. 

Mike Huckabee