DFL rep says white kids should ‘feel bad’ about American history

Hollins also criticized efforts to "erase" history.

American history
Rep. Athena Hollins, DFL-St. Paul, who is “openly pansexual," said in an interview that American history should make white kids "feel bad." (Minnesota House)

Rep. Athena Hollins, DFL-St. Paul, who is “openly pansexual,” said in an interview that American history should make white kids “feel bad.”

“What I’ve been told when I talk to people is that white kids feel bad about what happened in the past,” Hollins said. “And I said they should. They should feel bad. It was terrible what happened.”

She clarified that no one blames white kids today for America’s past. “The reality is that it happened,” Hollins said. “This is recent history.” She said she doesn’t know what the goal is for people who are, according to her, erasing history.

“I am deeply concerned with the trend in our country with the erasure of our history,” Hollins told host Al McFarlane when he asked for her thoughts on changes to Florida’s education laws.

Hollins is an attorney and a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional. She tweeted a few days before the interview about the removal of Rosa Parks’ race from elementary school textbooks in Florida, saying, “This is erasure of our history. ALL of our history.”

Florida education officials said that the book publisher “overreached in its efforts to follow Florida law.” Publishers that “avoid the topic of race when teaching the Civil Rights movement, slavery, segregation, etc. would not be adhering to Florida law,” the Florida Department of Education told The New York Times.

Hollins also discussed the arrest of former President Donald Trump, implying that he would escape the “public humiliation” of being handcuffed because of his “privilege.”

“As a lawyer, I can say people who are privileged get away with an awful lot and escape the public humiliation that black folks go through,” she said. “They’re not going to arrest him and walk him out in handcuffs.”

“Would I like to see it? Yeah, I’d like to see that. But do I think it’s going to happen? I’d be utterly shocked,” she added.

Hollins was first elected to serve in the Minnesota House in 2020 and was re-elected in 2022. She is also the majority whip for the House DFL Caucus.


Hayley Feland

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