DNC “Schemes to Bully Women” at Donald Trump Rallies

BREAKING: In Project Veritas Action’s latest video release, Aaron Black (aka “Aaron Minter”), the Deputy Rapid Response Director for the DNC, discusses how to get more “hits” by setting up “planted” women in vulnerable positions at Trump rallies.

Referring to the story of Shirley Teeter, a 69-year-old woman who was allegedly punched at a Trump rally by a Trump supporter in North Carolina, it was revealed by the Project Veritas Action video that was released on Monday that Teeter was a “plant” at the rally and was put there by Democracy Partners and other democrat operatives. Black nearly jumps for joy while planning big “impacts” saying, “…so we get people positioned behind Trump when he’s at a rally, but we make sure it’s women and that they’re next to men…we want images of the men bullying the women as they’re trying to put their signs up.  That is what we’re going to do…that’s the hit!”

As for Richard L. Campbell, the man accused of hitting the “bird dog” plant, Breitbart reported that he has been vindicated by PVA’s video.  In an email to Breibart, Campbell’s attorney said:

Mr. Campbell never assaulted anyone,” attorney Ruth Smith told Breitbart News via e-mail. “He went to a political rally as was his Constitutional right.

“As a result of Ms. Teter’s hoax, he and his wife have been tarred and feathered in the media and he has been charged as a criminal. It’s disgusting that people would do this sort of thing to innocent people, and worse that they seem to make a sport out of it.”

Breitbart went on to report:

Campbell, 73, was accused of sucker-punching 69-year-old Shirley Teeter, who wears an oxygen tank. Teeter’s claims were picked up by national media, and a warrant was issued for his arrest by local police.

Smith told Breitbart News at the time that Teeter had “made up the whole thing.” She noted that Campbell, who has cataracts, cannot see well and was being led through the throng of protesters by his wife. She pointed to Facebook video that shows Teeter approaching Campbell from behind and apparently reaching for his shoulder. He turned around, she said, and Teeter fell down.

It was revealed that Robert Creamer, the founder and president of the progressive consulting group, Democracy Partners was a frequent visitor to the White House.  According to Breitbart, White House visitor logs show that Creamer made 340 visits to the White House, with 45 of those meetings including President Obama.

After the release of the Project Veritas Action videotapes exposing the antics of Creamer and American’s United for Change’s Scott Foval, Creamer announced that he was “stepping back” from the Clinton campaign.  Creamer was helping the Democratic National Committee with Clinton’s campaign while working for Democracy Partners. Foval is said to have been dismissed from Americans United for Change over the damaging remarks he made in the video.

Democracy Partners claims to be a leader in political messaging, campaign planning, general consulting and campaign management. Some of their clients include Minnesota’s Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Tim Walz and the Minnesota Democrat Party.

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle is a former writer for Alpha News.