Early support for Presidential candidates from key Minnesota politicians and players

Now that the United States presidential campaign has turned into twenty-four month spectacle, candidates work to gain early support from influential names in the political realm.  Here’s a look a who’s been supporting whom here in Minnesota:



Governor Dayton was the earliest to endorse former first lady and Senator Hillary Clinton back in 2013.  He was also a supporter of hers when she ran against President Obama in the 2008 election.


Senator Franken endorsed Hillary Clinton in December.


Senator Klobuchar hopped on the Hillary train early, in June of 2014.




Representatives Betty McCollum and Rick Nolan co-hosted a fundraiser for a Super PAC supporting Hillary in June of 2014 along with St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Rep Paul Thissen and Rep Erin Murphy.

Former Minneapolis Mayor and early 2007-Obama-backer R.T. Rybak serves as the Vice Chair for the Democratic National Committee and will likely remain neutral until after the primary.



Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura announced his support for Senator Bernie Sanders this week.

With a crowded field on the GOP side, there are fewer endorsement to be found, but a few power-players have already thrown their support behind candidates.


Former state representative and high-level national GOP consultant Vin Weber signed on as an adviser to Jeb Bush’s campaign in February.


Former Senator, now DC-lobbyist Norm Coleman is running a Super PAC in support of Senator Lindsey Graham.

Minnesota hasn’t voted to elect a Republican President since 1972, so it’s unlikely to be paid much attention by Republican candidates.  On the Democratic side, Sanders drew over 600 supporters to a recent town hall in Rochester while Clinton hired a lead organizer to run grassroots operations in Minnesota in April.