ER physician on shutdowns: ‘I guess science doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit your narrative’

Lang expressed deep concern for school-age children and asserted that schools must be opened back up immediately.

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Dr. David Lang, an ER physician who works in western Wisconsin just outside the Twin Cities, recently shared his thoughts regarding the ongoing shutdown in Minnesota.

Lang initially posted his concerns to a Facebook group called Let Them Learn Minnesota and the post quickly spread among other anti-lockdown groups.

“I have thought about doing this earlier, but sadly it has been difficult as a physician to speak out about anything lately without being subject to criticism and harassment, especially if you have an opinion that goes against the mainstream narrative. For what it is worth, these are my observations and opinions,” Dr. Lang began the post.

He acknowledged the deadliness of COVID-19 and was in no way seeking to undermine the seriousness of the virus. But, as a doctor who has been working in a hospital since the start of the outbreak, he shared many thoughts on why Minnesota is making a mistake in shutting down businesses and schools.

First, he said the main problem for his ER is finding available beds for non-COVID patients with critical illnesses who can’t be managed at a small hospital but also can’t be transferred to St. Paul because the hospitals are full.

“Normally, we can easily transfer patients to our referral hospital in St. Paul. Now they are often full and cannot accept any more patients. We are forced to look for beds elsewhere in the Twin Cities or even Eau Claire, Duluth or even further. This obviously delays necessary care,” said Lang.

“Back in the spring, many hospitals and clinics basically shut down for a month or more … this [prompted] many people with chronic medical problems to delay medical care. I pointed out that this would have dire consequences later,” he said.

Patients who are now coming back into the health care system with diseases that have been “poorly controlled” are having a harder time fighting COVID-19.

He also addressed the staffing issues many hospitals are facing as a result of furloughs and shutdowns. Lang wrote, “Staff at many hospitals taking care of the extremely sick patients are seriously overworked and burning out.” Nurses and other hospital staff work just as hard as doctors, he wrote, and deserve that recognition.

“To me the true heroes here are all the people who have been suffering economically the last six months. Restaurant workers, hairstylists, musicians, hospitality workers and small business owners all deserve free coffee more than I do,” Lang wrote.

Lang continued with his thoughts on Minnesota’s reaction to the virus, writing, “Massive, far reaching shutdowns were counterproductive and caused widespread economic devastation that caused as much or likely more damage than from COVID-19.”

He pointed out how local newspapers are guilty of “media misinformation.” Reading beyond the headlines reveals that the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths are among people with underlying conditions or those who live in long-term care facilities.

“Very few people died from COVID-19 alone. I am certainly not downplaying the seriousness of this disease and the devastation it has caused. But COVID-19 in the vast majority of people is an unpleasant but often short-lived illness,” he said.

Lang illustrated his criticism of the media by referring to an article in the Pioneer Press that encouraged people to wear masks even after receiving a vaccine.

“The mantra of all our governors and the press is always ‘we follow the science.’ OK, then, if these facts are true, and you ‘follow the science,’ then if you have had COVID-19 or got the vaccine there is literally no reason to wear a mask or social distance,” Lang wrote in response. “You can certainly debate these facts, but they did not do that. Their conclusion was ‘just wear a mask. It’s no big deal.’ But what about, ‘follow the science?’ I guess science doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit your narrative.”

Lang shared poignant thoughts and facts regarding the “unnecessary” shutdowns: “I see every day in my ER the mental health problems, suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and crime caused by the financial burdens placed on many in our society.”

Lastly, and most importantly, Lang expressed deep concern for school-age children and asserted that schools must be opened up immediately.

“The devastation on our kids’ education and mental health is unquestionable and will have consequences for decades to come … Kids are losing motivation and are struggling without the interaction with their friends,” he said.

“Kids, especially younger ones, are at very low risk of COVID complications and unlikely to pass it on to others. Again, we are told that ‘we are following the science’ until it doesn’t fit the agenda,” Lang continued.

Lang is a family medicine, sports medicine, and emergency medicine doctor in Osceola, Wisconsin, who has been in practice for over 20 years.

Alpha News reached out to Dr. Lang for further comment but did not receive a response.

You can read Dr. Lang’s full post here.


Rose Williams

Rose Williams is an assistant editor for Alpha News.