Expedited Lawsuit Planned After State Supreme Court Dismisses Felons Voting Case

Andy Cilek, President of the Minnesota Voters Alliance

St. Paul, MN – On Wednesday the Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Minnesota Voter’s Alliance (MVA) regarding the state’s practices over how felony convictions are resolved during elections.  

As Alpha News previously reported, MVA filed the lawsuit petition in April intending to “stop known ineligible persons, such as felons, court restricted persons and non-citizens, from continuing to vote in Minnesota elections.”  

The MVA hired attorney Erick Kaardal to take the case.  

In their opinion the justices said the lawsuit must first be heard in Minnesota’s lower courts.  

Kaardal says this is not a setback for the MVA, stating, “Henceforth, Minnesota Voters Alliance can bring its election law concerns – real claims against the Secretary of State regarding thousands of ineligible felons voting in Minnesota elections  —  to District Court.  That is significant progress for the Minnesota Voters Alliance.  Expect the Minnesota Voters Alliance to bring its lawsuit in District Court soon to correct for the Secretary of State permitting thousands of ineligible felons to vote in the November 8, 2016 election.”

President of the MVA Andy Cilek says they are planning on filing an expedited lawsuit on Monday, October 3rd, in Ramsey County District Court to “stop Secretary of State Steve Simon from enabling and permitting persons to vote whom are known by the Secretary of State to be ineligible to vote on November 8, 2016.”

The Alliance claims that in the average presidential election year more than 500,000 people cast their votes without first being determined as eligible voters, going on to say that nearly 10% of those people “cannot be determined as eligible.”

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Julia Erynn