Fully Charged: Violent altercation caught on video indicates a culture in crisis

"When you take fathers out of the home, stop discipline in schools, and villainize the police, it's a recipe for disaster," Sheila Qualls said on this week's episode of Fully Charged.

Kendall and Sheila Qualls (Alpha News)

A violent altercation, which appeared to leave one student unconscious, was captured on video at Hopkins High School in Minnetonka. The video, which was posted on Snapchat, surfaced late last month.

“When you take fathers out of the home, stop discipline in schools, and villainize the police, it’s a recipe for disaster,” Sheila Qualls said.

A culture in crisis was the topic of this week’s Fully Charged with Kendall and Sheila Qualls.

Fully Charged is produced by TakeCharge, which is a nonprofit that promotes a return to faith, family, and education in the black community.

“We’re never going to solve the problem if we don’t talk about it,” Mr. Qualls said.

What happened in the video is a symptom of a bigger problem, he said. “We’ve got to get this issue under control in our communities. We need to get fathers back in the home. Eighty percent of our children are born into fatherless homes. This is just a symptom.”

Mrs. Qualls said ideologies such as critical race theory contribute to the disorder and chaos in black communities.

“CRT is a tool of the woke left that they say is to help black people, but it doesn’t. You can push all the critical race theory you want, but nothing is going to change until we get fathers back in the home,” Mrs. Qualls said.

Hopkins was the state’s first National School of Excellence but no longer appears to be an atmosphere of academic distinction. Parents say Hopkins now has the lowest test scores among surrounding schools and are questioning the district’s strategy for addressing the escalating disorder and plunging scores.

The district, like many around the metro, has been plagued by a decline in academics and an uptick in violence among the student body.



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