Soros-Associated Charity Dedicated To Bailing Out Rioters Appears To Pocket $34m+

The MFF has purged their site of all info related to their leadership after it was revealed that they used less than 1% of their $35m in donations for the fund's stated purpose.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) only spent $200,000 of the roughly $35,000,000 it collected to bail out rioters arrested in Minneapolis.

The MFF normally takes donations to post the bail for illegal aliens. However, their mission  recently pivoted freeing those who were arrested in connection with the George Floyd riots, which the MFF calls “the uprising.” Since the unrest began in Minneapolis, the fund has collected roughly $35m owed in part to dozens of endorsements from a-list  celebrities and politicians. However the fund has spend only $200,000 of this money on its actual mission, per its own admission.

This revelation has caused many outspoken progressives to turn on the MFF as the terms “35 MILLION” and “only 200k” trend on Twitter.

One such commenter is Dr. Eugene Gu who has amassed nearly half a million followers on Twitter by voicing his strongly left leaning political opinions. “I’m not here to pass judgment. Just here to do the math. 200K out of 35 million is 0.57%,” he pointed out, in response to the MFF’s newly revealed spending statistics.

Actress and progressive internet personality Nati Casanova also voiced her displeasure and asked for increased transparency.

The MFF is run by Tonja Honsey, an ex-convict and alumni of left wing billionaire George Soros’s fellowship program. (RELATED: George Soros Associated With Effort To Spring Minnesota Rioters From Jail)

However the MFF recently purged their site of all mention of Honsey along with every other member of their staff. An Alpha News reporter last screenshotted Honsey’s bio on the site on June 10. She still lists her position with the group on her LinkedIn profile, suggesting that she has not been fired, but that the fund is rather trying to protect its leadership’s anonymity amidst harsh criticism

Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.