Governor Dayton Collapses During State of the State Address

MInnesota Governor Mark Datyon

Dayton Fainted During His Speech

St, Paul, MN – Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed during his 2017 State of the State Address Monday evening.

Dayton, who will turn 70 this week, was over halfway through his address when he collapsed. He paused his speech to take a sip of water before slurring his words and passing out on the lectern.

Lawmakers gasped, and many rushed to the Dayton’s side.

Reports from those in attendance say that Dayton was able to walk out of the chamber with assistance after a few minutes. A recent tweet from Dayton’s son says the governor is “doing great.”

This is not the first time Gov. Dayton has collapsed while on the job. Back in January of 2016, Dayton collapsed while at a political event. The incident was dismissed as caused by dehydration.

Watch the video of Gov. Dayton collapsing below.

Christine Bauman