Ilhan Omar, Roseanne Barr, Samantha Bee & Media Bias

This week DFL Rep. Ilhan Omar on Twitter called me a “sad hateful man,” thereby engaging in the projection for which the Regressive Left is well known. The name calling came in response to my posting of her tweet, above. She lectured me that calling out Israel as an “apartheid state” is not Jew hatred but simple discourse. Except for the fact, as I noted, that haters of Jews routinely use this culumny.

She further offered to pray to Allah for me, a “god” in whose name not only infidels but fellow believers of Omar’s are routinely slaughtered around the world daily. Thanks, but no thanks. She told someone else that she might send holy water to cleanse my heart. Please.

Omar’s affectation of piety and love is just that, given that she pals around with one of the vilest people in the country, Linda Sarsour.

When I asked her why she champions Sarsour, about whom Minnesota media have yet to run a single story despite her national prominence, she went silent as to me. She engaged with others to collect praise and Twitter utterances of solidarity against bad people like me. I cheerfully retweeted the hits on me because this is Twitter and that’s how you do it.

I’ve previously written about Ilhan Omar’s friendship with Linda Sarsour. There’s no mention of Omar’s vile tweet by Minnesota media nor of this association with Sarsour. If you rely on them to be informed, you’re affirmatively being dumbed down. That’s why they, and national media, are this week’s winner of our bias contest.

By now everyone knows about Roseanne Barr’s tweet, something for which she immediately apologized but which apology could not save her hit television show from being canceled. To her credit, she has refused to leave Twitter and is claiming that her thirty years of activism should not be erased by one stupid tweet.

Ah, but this sort of indulgence is granted only to those on the Left when they transgress. Samantha Bee used an extremely vulgar term in referring to Ivanka Trump. She “apologized” but her show remains uncanceled. In fact, Left wing entertainers came out in support of her, including Sally Fields and Minnie Driver.

This is the lesson: conservatives need to stop pretending that they are making an effective argument when they point out the hypocrisy of the Regressive Left. By now it is a given and they’ll always give themselves a pass. It makes no difference, except to virtue signal to other useless conservatives like those at the Weekly Standard or National Review. These are the types of conservatives who have conserved nothing but who, instead of punching back twice as hard on the Left’s terms, resort to platitudes about their alleged principles. Meanwhile, the Regressive Left advances its corrosive agenda.

The cultural mandarins and those in control of the media have taken sides and are actively waging war. Unless we want to lose, we have to fight back, on precisely their terms. Welcome to the cold civil war.


John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter