Inconvenient Truths: MPR’s Puff Piece On Tim Walz

We’re all used to Minnesota media generating puff pieces devoid of actual facts that would run counter to the glowing narrative created by them for the objects of their affection, almost always Democrats. Ilhan Omar comes most readily to mind, endlessly celebrated for no accomplishments while her record of hating on America, being a tool of CAIR and palling around with Linda Sarsour go unmentioned.

We’re a month out from the midterm elections so it was to be expected we’d be treated to a fulsome piece of puffery from the puff factory masquerading as a news outlet, MPR. With its piece on DFL gubernatorial candidate Tim Walz, it didn’t disappoint. The title of the piece, “’Citizen soldier’ Walz honed leadership in uniform,” pretty much gives the game away and tells readers what to expect.

What’s most interesting about the piece is what is left out. Isn’t that the case for much of local media however? Here, reporter Brian Baskt leaves out Walz’s DWI; it simply doesn’t exist. Also left unexplored and unmentioned is any discussion as to why Tim Walz was fired as a teacher. Did you know that Tim Walz was fired as a teacher? Somehow if Jeff Johnson had been, our brave local Daniel Pearls would make sure it was common knowledge.

Also not present in the piece is a single word about the numerous flip flops on issues that has become something of a standard for the Walz campaign. This would require holding someone accountable but not, apparently, when the person in question is a Democrat. Walz ran as one thing in the primary and has tried to cast himself as something different in the general. Republicans do this too, it has to be said, only their opponents have the luxury of their media allies pointing it out routinely and continuously.

Therein lies a world of difference, a world of media bias.

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter