John McCain & The Uniparty’s Funeral For Itself

Yesterday the country was forced to endure an extravagant display of the Uniparty’s self-regard, and of the media’s boundless dishonesty, when everyone who represents everything that is wrong with America gathered in the National Cathedral for the funeral service of John McCain. Suddenly, politicians and news outlets joined together in a repulsive, over the top, thoroughly embarrassing display of propaganda regarding a military hero and a political cretin. There was to be no dissent because the occasion was weaponized to disparage President Trump.

Who knew that even the dead could enlist in the resistance?

* * * *

McCain’s political career was one disgrace after another, one betrayal of what he told his Arizona constituents that he would do followed by another. When the media wanted a Republican who would criticize and harm other Republicans, McCain was their first stop. “You’re my base,” McCain famously told them and for once he had an honest moment.

He came close to being indicted in the corruption scandal known as the “Keating Five.” When Lois Lerner went after legitimate Tea Party groups rightly seeking non-profit status in President Obama’s politicized IRS, McCain encouraged her efforts, urging her to bankrupt the groups in the process. He infamously torpedoed repeal of Obamacare with his single vote because of his hatred of President Trump. He’d run on repealing that dreadful law for years and years. His personal bitterness counted for more than honoring the promises he had made to his voters. He sent his top aide to Europe to personally secure a copy of the Hillary Clinton funded, Russian sourced hoax “dossier” so that he could personally provide the FBI with a copy, even though the corrupt FBI had long had its own. John McCain never met a war, or the possibility of one, that he didn’t like or help try to bring into existence.

This is the “public servant” the Ruling Class insists you admire.

* * * *  

Locally, the Republican swamp was out in full force in this effort, angry that an outsider like Donald Trump has exposed them for the feckless, useless grifters that they are. In this revolting display they were joined by the local media, the hive mind working overtime in trying to gaslight you into believing McCain stood for the best of America instead of worst, which happens to be the case. Tim Pawlenty’s campaign manager went to D.C. to pay obeissance, perfect and all of a piece, given that the new political age birthed by Trump had taken off of her hands any campaign to manage. These endangered mediocrities, and their handmaidens in the press, will never forgive the one successful presidential candidate who is keeping his promises. That, the promises kept by Donald Trump, represents the true & ongoing existential threat to our “professionalized” political class, whose members would likely fare poorly in the private sector of which they know little firsthand. The thought that brings comfort, though, is that it is only going to get worse for these types.

* * * *

John McCain was such a sterling human being, an American Gandhi really, that on his deathbed he banished the only positive element of his pathetic run for president against the cipher Barack Obama. As everyone knows, Sarah Palin was forbidden from attending his funeral. We shouldn’t gloss over this slight of revealing proportions because it tells us all we need to know about the man, in sharp contrast to the Pyongyang style propaganda with which we’ve been bombarded these last few days.

Palin was the only thing that excited the base in 2008 and her selection actually caused the ticket, for a time, to lead in the race. Some say that, frightened by the prospect of actually winning, McCain tanked his own efforts, consciously or not. Who can really say though? Yet it remains the fact that in the years since, Sarah Palin never uttered an unkind remark about this man while he, preening to the end, said that he had wished he’d picked Joe Lieberman as his running mate. “No class,” to quote JFK.

* * * *

McCain’s nickname in high school was “McNasty” and nothing he ever did in his political life was to disprove that winsome moniker. Believe it or not, his well documented history of “temper tantrums and vicious bullying” was set out at length in a piece titled “McCain: A Question of Temperament.” It ran in the Washington Post, oddly, given that now, because of an alignment of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, the paper is one of the chief promoters of the false McCain narrative that it and others insist the American people swallow wholesale. “It is simply impossible to overestimate the love, bordering on worship, that reporters in Washington long had for McCain,” wrote the Washington Post’s Paul Waldman on Tuesday, “and to a great degree still do.” Yes, we’ve noticed.

Fortunately, there’s much evidence suggesting that the latest con job from the Uniparty and the corrupt media is not working.

* * * *  

When one steps back for a moment from everything that we have seen this past week, one can’t help but be struck by the literal embodiment of the profound separation between those who pretend to govern and those they claim to govern. Miscreants of all political persuasions–Henry Kissinger spoke at McCain’s funeral!–were gathered in one place not to mourn John McCain but to collectively give voice to their outrage over having been pushed aside by an outsider that captured the electorate in improbable ways. It wasn’t supposed to be like this and, if they have their way, will never be again.

Yet this is only so much rage at the dying of the light, their light. The frustration at the group of charlatans assembled in the National Cathedral wasn’t created by Donald Trump, it found in him the perfect vehicle. This is what the establishment continuously misses, can’t see their way clear to because of the hatred for Trump. It remains true nonetheless. Had they done anything approximating their job, approximating the keeping of their promises, current circumstances would be very different, would be not dire. But they didn’t and they are.

The professional mourners did the country a favor. In a way not possible except for staining what should be a dignified and solemn event, they showed the American people that their country was indeed in the balance last election and vindicated their choice of the person now in the process of saving it. Ave Trump.

* * * *

In addition to Alpha News, John Gilmore is also a contributor to The Hill. He is the founder and executive director of Minnesota Media Monitor.™ He blogs at and is on Twitter under @Shabbosgoy. He can be reached at Wbua@nycunarjfza.pbz

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter