Justine Damond’s Family Demand Answers

Many questions, few answers

Justine Damond, Minneapolis Police
Image Credit: City of Minneapolis/Facebook

MINNEAPOLIS- Nearly six months have passed since Minneapolis Police Officer Mohammad Noor killed Australian yoga instructor Justine Damond, and there still seems to be few answers as to why it happened and what is going to be done about the shooting.

A recent update to the events came from Damond’s fiancé, Don Damond, who recounts some of the events leading up to the shooting. Damond stated that he was the one who told his wife to call the police on after she heard what she thought sounded like a sexual assault occurring outside her condo.

In an interview with ABC, titled the ‘Australian Story,’ Damond’s family indicated that they are still waiting for answers.

If [the State prosecutor] decides not to charge him, then the civil case that we want to bring will start earlier,” said Damond’s father.

In September, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) stated that they had finished their investigation into Noor and had handed over there findings to the county attorney’s, who will consider whether or not to bring charges against Officer Noor. A deadline of by the year’s end was given by County Attorney Mike Freeman on when a decision would be made. So far no charges have been brought forth by the county attorney’s office.

“We want to see justice for Justine, and hope that the Hennepin County Attorney will act swiftly to review the findings and determine charges,” Damond’s family said when they had learned that the county attorney’s were given the BCA investigation.

The only other details made available to the public is that the BCA was looking to investigate the mental health records of both Officer Noor and his partner, Matthew Harrity, who was in the car with him. The BCA was required to ask the court for the redacted information on the officers’ mental health backgrounds.

Unfortunately for Damond’s family, there are few answers available to why Damond was shot and whether or not the city will respond.

Henry Carras