Keith Ellison: Esme Murphy’s Garbage Interview

Esme Murphy is a singularly biased and poor reporter in the Twin Cities, routinely delivering liberal talking points while covering for their problems. If asking softball questions is an art, she’s a latter day Renaissance artist. So obvious is her bias that I predicted on Twitter that she would get the only interview with Keith Ellison, keen to lie before a willing enabler. Lo, it came to pass.

Congratulations to Drew Lee, co-host of the successful morning drive radio show “Justice & Drew” on KTLK AM 1130, Twin Cities Newstalk for quickly submitting Murphy’s pathetic interview of Ellison as this week’s winning media bias contest winner. Others submitted the same cringe-inducing interview but Lee got there first.

You can watch the interview for yourself but it took me until I had to write this column to do so. Murphy’s interview was so bad that it depressed others in the Twin Cities media who had been pursuing Karen Monahan, the woman who has stepped forward to tell the truth about this thug.

Murphy repeatedly fails to challenge Ellison, something she’d have no problem doing if the man accused sitting in front of her was Rep. Jason Lewis or Rep. Tom Emmer or, really, any Republican.

At least one other woman has written about Ellison’s abusive behavior toward women but Esme wasn’t about to commit actual journalism. The entire interview was designed to help and protect Ellison from the consequences of his behavior.

CBS News, the national broadcast outlet, aired an interview with Monahan and readers can watch both interviews and draw their own conclusions as to who is more credible. Currently the DFL is scrambling to find ways to get Ellison off of the ballot before a relatively recent statute kicks in that limits their options for doing so. Democrats know the harm that Keith Ellison will do to other candidates on the November ballot, even while craven hacks like Esme Murphy do their best to help him survive a scandal that by rights would destroy his public career. Please laugh loudly when local media insist that without them we wouldn’t even have a democracy.

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John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter